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Hou Ye definitely read the original (book wear)

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    August 28, 2022 10:56 PM EDT

    "Uh-huh." Rong Chang nodded and hurriedly pulled the little Marquis out of the yard: "It's horrible. I feel goose bumps all over my body when I talk about it at ordinary times. Just now there were so many.." Rong Chang shook his head hurriedly, really do not want to recall, but Miaojiang Snake Ji appeared here is a little unexpected, they have never been in contact with the Central Plains, their flute is also taught by an old man in Miaojiang. Lou Zixu looked at Rong Chang, who had come back with a nervous look, and sat down anxiously beside him. "Master, what's wrong with you?"? Are the people in your family disrespecting you? Tell me who it is and I'll kill him! Rong Chang shook his head hurriedly: "No, no, don't act foolishly." "Well, I'll listen to my master." Lou Zixu hurriedly took the snack to her and said, "Master, eat more." Rong Chang took a look at the dim sum in front of her. She had never stopped eating dim sum fruit since she came here. The dim sum here is really delicious. It is worthy of being the biggest merchant in the world. Even the dim sum is so delicious. After dinner, Lou Zixu clung to Rong Chang to teach him. Rong Chang couldn't stand his magic sound,cantilever racking system, so he wrote a score and let him continue to practice and leave. Lou Zixu grabbed her anxiously and said, "Master, you have to accompany me to practice. It's not good for you to give me advice." The little Marquis glanced at Lou Zixu, who was holding Rong Chang's arm. "It's already very late." Lou Zixu glanced out of the window and reluctantly let go. Then he glanced at the little Marquis and went to his side with a bad smile: "I understand. Newlyweds, a moment of spring night is worth a thousand pieces of gold." Rong Chang was stupefied for a moment and pulled Lou Zixu over. "What are you talking about? Hurry up and practice." Lou Zixu looked at them with a cheap smile, and Rong Chang hurriedly pushed the little Marquis out of the door. You're not much older than me. Lou Zixu continued to study his flute with a smile. The house has been surrounded by the sound of the magic flute all day,asrs warehouse, and the children who usually play in the yard have not come out today, and the yard seems very quiet. Rong Chang went to the door to take a peep and looked back at the little Marquis sitting drinking tea. He sneaked over and whispered, "Let's run away." "Master Wang will be here tomorrow." The little Marquis looked at her seriously. Rong Chang was stunned. If he really waited for them to pick him up, how could he explain the marriage? It was best to run away secretly and refuse to admit it. Anyway, there was no need for Yanbodu to oppose Rong Fu and insist that she was married. The little Marquis looked at the man who did not speak and sighed helplessly in his heart. Did he want to escape? How can that work? I stayed to get married on purpose. How can I run away? "Why do you have to wait for him?" Rong Chang sat down beside the little Marquis and looked at him anxiously. The little Marquis poured tea for her. "It's only one day. Are you in a hurry?" "No, think about it, a lady from the prime minister's mansion, and you!" Rong Chang glanced up and down at the little Marquis. "You are a prince, an invincible general. You are trapped here waiting for others to save you. It's too humiliating to wear it out. So we have to save ourselves." The little Marquis nodded, and Rong Chang saw it in his eyes and hurriedly grabbed his arm. "So, heavy duty cantilever racks ,heavy duty metal racks, let's go. Let's run away quickly while we're here." "How to escape?" The little Marquis looked at the excited man in front of him. Rong Chang was stupefied for a moment and watched him acquiesce. "I've observed during the day," he said hurriedly. "There are only two guards in this yard. I'm responsible for diverting them. You take the opportunity to slip out.." "Kill the man in the observation deck!" Rong Chang looked fierce and made a gesture of wiping his neck. Then what The little Marquis looked tenderly at the man in front of him. We'll meet outside in the courtyard on the east side, which is opposite the daytime pavilion. I've seen it. It's the most loosely guarded place. We'll go out there. "You can handle two guards?" "Hey, hey." Rong Chang raised his eyebrows slightly and smirked: "It depends on your brain." "All right, listen to you." The little Marquis nodded and got up. Rong Chang was stupefied for a moment, hurriedly followed aside, secretly opened the door, and said in a low voice: "Keep your voice down." The little Marquis took one look, with a smile in his eyes. Rong Chang pulled him and looked at him as he was wandering in his yard. He patted him on the back anxiously: "Lower a little." The little Marquis immediately bowed his body to follow him, looked at the hand she was holding, and could not help clenching her hand. Rong Chang looked out carefully. The guard at the door stood with a serious expression. The lamp overhead was swayed by the wind. Rong Chang pushed the little Marquis aside in the corner. Shh! Rong Chang said in a low voice, "I'll distract them, and you can slip out from the side." The little Marquis nodded his head. Rong Chang came out of the corner. The two guards looked at each other and hurried forward. "Miss Rong, what are you doing so late?" "Come out and get some air." Rong Chang looked at the two of them with a smile. "Do you want to gamble?" "Oh, no, no, we can't go AWol." The two guards shook their heads hurriedly. What are you afraid of? I'm here. Rong Chang took out the dice he carried with him, which was used by the people of Tianshi Mansion for divination. "Miss Yung, you'd better go and find Mr. Tu Chuan to play with you." The two guards looked embarrassed. He keeps losing. It's no fun. Rong Chang took out a silver ticket and said, "Whoever wins me, the fifty taels will belong to him." The little Marquis hid in the corner and touched the silver ticket on his body. How did he get to Rong Chang? The two guards immediately saw the money and hesitated. Rong Chang hurriedly said, "Come on, just play with me. If I lose, I'll go back and rest. I won't bother you." The two guards thought for a moment, but they nodded. Rong Chang glanced at the chair next to him. "Come on, buy big and buy small." The two guards followed and looked at her doubtfully. "How?" "Guess the size, you win, the fifty taels belong to you, and go back to the house to rest, do not disturb you, otherwise you will play all the time." "Good!" The two guards thought, can't a young lady win? The little Marquis looked at Rong Chang incredibly, and sure enough, Rong Chang won the first one. Tut-tut,heavy duty cantilever racks, when I heard you talking about gambling during the day, I thought it was very powerful. Rong Chang deliberately stimulated two people. Two people sit down at once: "Just win." "Continue." Rong Chang said mysteriously shaking the dice in his hand, "big or small?" "Big!" 。