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Raising Corpses for Rebirth in the End of the World

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    August 28, 2022 10:39 PM EDT

    "Noodles." Since Lin Baoer cut a neat and refreshing short hair, clean, there is no longer a long bangs to cover her eyes. Lin Yiran likes Baoer's eyes very much, and her star-like pupils reflect her appearance, which makes her feel warm and reassuring. Boa seems to like noodles very much. Lin leisurely took Baoer's hand and walked to the kitchen. My father and mother were not at home on my birthday. No one remembers my birthday, but the birthday noodles made by my sister are delicious. Lin walked leisurely. Boa seems to be talking about her birthday a long time ago. Zhao Yanhong was so busy that day that Lin Pinghai was so careless that neither of them went home for dinner, let alone for Lin Baoer's birthday. Lin Yiran gave her a bowl of noodles and a poached egg. Lin Baoer eats very well. Since then, every year on Lin Baoer's birthday, she would ask Lin Yiran to give her a bowl of noodles. Although Lin Yiran doesn't like this bug-like sister, she won't refuse a bowl of noodles. Just in the heart can not avoid murmur, Lin Baoer even noodles are too lazy to eat. I didn't think it was because of this. Before the two sisters came to the kitchen, a violent and urgent knock on the door turned their lunch into a bubble. Open the door! Is there anyone at home! Come and open the door. The man who called the gate in the courtyard was a young man who looked like he was in his twenties. During the Spring Festival, courtyards in the countryside are generally unlocked, which is convenient for visiting relatives. Had it not been for the two girls, Lin Yiran and Lin Baoer, who were at home, even the door would not have been locked. What's the matter? Lin Yiran opened the gate and stared warily at the man in the yard. The man was wearing a leather jacket with an open zipper, a pair of ripped jeans and a pair of black board shoes with rivets in the cold weather. Especially conspicuous is the dazzling golden retriever. Lin Baoer followed Lin Yiran every step of the way, looking at the man at the door who was obviously not good. What, what, what's going on! As soon as I saw someone came to open the door. The young man got excited. Yoo-hoo! What are the two little beauties doing at their brother's house? He was about to get in through the crack of the door that Lin leisurely opened. Lin leisurely one foot blocks in front of the door,asrs warehouse, "the mouth puts the respect point.". This is my home. What your home! This is my house. Who in this village doesn't know my parents? Who doesn't know my brother Jin Mao. This is my home! The young man was not happy. He looked like a small hoodlum, with his waist crossed and his legs shaking. Can it be said that the two little beauties are my parents' new wives? "I don't know you." Lin Yiran is too lazy to haggle with this kind of person, saying that he will close the door. The golden retriever hurriedly stretched his legs into the crack of the door. "How dare you not let me in?". Be careful that I do you two little women. Lin leisurely in the heart cold hum, also not with this person polite, dry crisp opened the door. The young man probably did not think that she would really have the courage to open the door, and for a moment he was stunned. Lin leisurely opened the door, without the slightest hesitation, dry crisp, a foot kicked the man used to get stuck in the crack of the door on the calf. They are all bullied to the door. If this kind of person doesn't teach her a lesson, she is easy to bully. Don't underestimate Lin Yiran's kick. Since practicing the formula of clearing the heart, Automated warehouse systems ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, Lin Yiran has used this foot skillfully, and the strength is no less than that of a strong man. Plus she saw the calf of the golden retriever and kicked it. He immediately let out a cry of pain. The golden retriever felt a stiff calf, and then it was sore, numb and painful. With a bang, he knelt on one knee. Get up. The New Year has passed, why kneel. Aunt won't send you a red envelope. Lin leisurely laughed and was about to close the door. When Lin Baoer saw that her sister was furious, she also snickered in her heart. Think of this person just spoke rudely to the elder sister, Lin Baoer slightly squinted, hum, you should be glad that the elder sister taught you a lesson. The golden retriever gnashed his teeth. This little woman didn't expect to be so strong. I thought there were only two little women at home, and it was easy to enter the hall, but I didn't expect that the door was not in. Zhao Yanfang, that smelly woman, took Lao Tzu's money and didn't tell Lao Tzu that this little woman still knows two hands. Lin Yiran's kick was quick, accurate and ruthless. The young man felt both pain and shame, and his eyes became more and more cruel. Grit your teeth and prop yourself up. The young man kicked on the anti-theft gate, and the gate stood still. Joke, tens of thousands of yuan of high-quality iron gate, used to prevent zombies also afraid of this little yellow hair a foot? Lin leisurely "saw" the young man gnashing his teeth and kicking the door angrily, and smiled contemptuously. " Boa, the quality of our security door is really good. As for Zhao Yanhong. If this aunt is not looking for trouble, just forget it. If she is unwilling to be lonely and has to do something, she will be annoyed for a few days every month like "big period". Even if she is busy practicing, she doesn't mind freeing up her hands to teach some people some small lessons. "My sister said that the formula for purifying the mind is really great." Lin Baoer from beginning to end in the attention of Lin leisurely manner, see her stunned for a moment, as if "see" "hear" what like, then actually disdained to smile. Random is that the yellow hair kicked the door with a dull bang. Lin Yiran said to Lin Pinghai and Zhao Yanhong that this is the pithy formula of martial arts that she accidentally learned on the road in her previous life. She did not hide the dagger from Lin Baoer, but she did not want to tell Zhao Yanhong about the dagger. From going to the hospital, we can see that even if Zhao Yanhong is good to her, it is impossible to treat her like a real daughter. Plus Zhao Yanhong's bad relatives, she doesn't want to be the target of public criticism and become the calculating object of others. Qingxin Jue is Taoism. I practice Taoism. Naturally, there will be some differences. Since Lin Baoer moved into Lin Yiran's bedroom on the pretext of. Never moved away again. Every night to see her sister's hard practice, but she can not help, Lin Baoer is very distressed. However, seeing that my sister's spirit has obviously improved. Boa felt very gratified. Before Lin Yiran could tell Lin Baoer in detail,heavy duty metal racking, she "saw" the young man fail to kick the door and limped out of the yard. "Hey!" He shouted as he walked! Somebody help! The little girl broke into the house. "Ah Ching's sister-in-law, Wu's sister-in-law, come quickly!" 。