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  • August 23, 2022 9:10 PM EDT

    Qi Yue smiled and turned his eyes directly to the battlefield below, as if he was not worried that Satan and Lucifer would attack him. Looking at Qi Yue's calm and calm appearance, Satan's confidence in his heart could not help shaking slightly. Could it be that his subordinates could really penetrate the battle array of the Burning Legion? No, that's absolutely impossible. He immediately denied the idea. And at this point. The battle below has really begun. The twelve guardian warriors of the zodiac showed a cold look on their faces, and at the same time, they also burned with different colors of light. With a long roar, the moon suddenly rose into the sky and rushed out at the fastest speed, passing through Qi Yue's spiritual power. She already knew about Qi Yue's bet with Satan. In the face of an endless army of five hundred thousand, there was no worry in her heart. For her partners, like Qi Yue, she also has sufficient confidence. The light bloomed in an instant, such as the moon almost instantly rushed into the camp of the Burning Legion, crystal white light, accompanied by a strong sound of dragon singing directly erupted. Huge energy fluctuations instantly increase. With a loud noise, a 100-meter-long gully had appeared below her, and the hands of the moon had waved out, and the dragon's wings urged the stars. Accompanied by numerous white points of light, it emanated towards the most densely populated place of the Burning Legion. Burning Legion operation, even Qi Yue also had to admit their elite, a full five hundred thousand people into the state of combat, but did not appear scattered, rushed to the front is the Burning Legion those powerful fighters like stones. Countless black fogs have spread out and covered the zodiac legion. In their eyes, the number of more than 100 people is just the result of an instant capsizing. But is that really the case? As the attack of Ruyue unfolds, the zodiac warriors are also out. On everyone. Have released special energy fluctuations. Relying on their own strong strength,metal stamping parts, directly rushed into the battle array in front of them. Boom In an instant, the zodiac warriors were swallowed up by the steel torrent of the Burning Legion. Over a hundred people, in front of half a million. It was so small that only the white figure of the moon in the sky was still shining, but by this time she was surrounded by ten black generals on both wings. Satan snorted disdainfully, "See?"? This is the result. Qi Yue smiled and said, "If your eyes are all right, would you please look at them again?" Satan was stunned and turned his eyes to the battlefield again, and at that moment. The mutation is already here. Almost in an instant, a group of light burst out from the formation of the Burning Legion, each burst of light, at least took away the lives of more than ten Burning Legion soldiers, strong energy fluctuations and the dark breath of the Burning Legion suddenly collided. There was a massive energy surge. "Summon." The cold voice of the moon came out in an instant. Yes, socket screw plug ,die cast light housing, the zodiac legion is absolutely powerful. However, she did not think that with their own strength, they could rush through the 500,000 troops of the Burning Legion. The golden light lit up and covered a large area, and then one hundred and twenty zodiac warriors of the Zodiac Legion took off at the same time, and their powers burst out completely at this moment, like an instant release of energy balls, exploding inside the Burning Legion. Then a loud birdsong sounded in midair. The golden-winged ROC eagle appeared. Each zodiac warrior appeared on the back of his golden-winged ROC eagle. Countless winds lit up because of the appearance of the golden-winged ROC eagle. Their huge wings, like extremely sharp blades, glided in the low altitude. The cut body left a large camp for the Burning Legion in an instant. It's too sudden. It's all too sudden. The golden-winged ROC eagle, as the superior of the ancient fierce beasts, how can their power be compared with that of the hell creatures of the Burning Legion? Unless they are black generals with more than four wings, it is impossible for other hell creatures to fight against them. And the four-winged black clan, Qi Yue in the last hell, has almost been exterminated. The rest is only a small part. The power of the golden-winged ROC eagle legion was reflected for the first time at this time, and their strength was so strong that the orderly line-ups of the burning legion finally became chaotic. The vole flew in the front, and Xiaopeng's strong fighting power became a sharp knife of the golden-winged ROC eagle legion. Wherever he passed, he was invincible, and there was no hell race that could stop him from advancing. The golden torrent suddenly flew forward about five meters above the ground, showing a triangular formation, and soon the Burning Legion was broken open, and at least thousands of Burning Legion soldiers were destroyed under the impact of this wave. Satan's face changed. He had never seen such a powerful creature as the golden-winged ROC eagle, but. At this time, the elite of the Burning Legion was fully revealed, and tens of thousands of hell demon mages released their dark power at the same time, like a black cloud, covering the direction of the golden-winged ROC eagle. It is full of all kinds of negative energy, once covered, corrosion, chaos, aging and other negative energy will erupt. Even Qi Yue, who was watching the battle in midair, could not help but change his face in the large-scale attack released by tens of thousands of hell demon mages. Although the Burning Legion was not confused in the sudden impact, it made the most correct response in the shortest time, and it was indeed the elite of the elite. Although the golden-winged ROC eagle is very strong, Qi Yue knows that as long as the golden-winged ROC eagle flies, it will become the target of public criticism. It is impossible for the Burning Legion to have no long-range attack arms. At this time, the situation is absolutely uncertain. Now Qi Yue is just looking forward to a qualitative change in the soldiers of the Zodiac Legion during the period of practice in Kongtong Seal. He didn't move. He believed in his partners and believed that under the leadership of Ruyue, the partners would never fail. Just then, a dragon Yin burst out from the mouth of the moon,Magnetic Drain Plug, the ten winged black warriors who had besieged her almost instantly spurted blood and flew out at the same time, their bodies were shattered into pieces in the air by the strong dragon cloud force of the moon, and large areas of blood were scattered.