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Xiao Xing Ji

  • August 23, 2022 9:10 PM EDT

    Silently, the four immortals directly launched the power of the world in their bodies. Four faint lights broke through the sky and attacked the Yellow Ear Immortal. The Yellow Ear Immortal smiled. He turned over his hand, and a small translucent white jade screen, three inches high and thirty-six inches long, divided into thirty-six pieces, appeared in front of him in a burst of inspiration. The small and lovely screen floats in front of the Yellow Ear Immortal, in which there are countless rivers, lakes, seas, mountains and rivers, and even more changeable, among which there are countless creatures struggling to survive in that side of the sky. The Yellow Ear Immortal flicked the screen with his finger, and a very thin ray of light shot out from the screen. The power of the world shot out by the four immortals was swallowed clean by the ray of light! The Yellow Ear Immortal said with a faint smile, "The four immortals are good at Taoism and cultivation. The power of the world is barely pure." Huang Er Xian Zun is talking and laughing. I don't know when Lin Xiao has a piece of nine wind silver with a diameter of nearly a hundred feet! Lin Xiao pointed with his hand. Nine wind silver immediately took a strange roar to hit the head of the Yellow Ear Immortal. The Yellow Ear Immortal was teasing the four Xuanxian Immortals, but suddenly he heard the sound of the evil wind overhead. Without thinking about it, he pointed his hand and blasted out another ban. Disappear as if it had never existed. The ceiling of the Hall of Immortals,Investment casting parts, together with countless decorations and so on, went up in smoke at the same time, leaving no residue at all. At this time, it was the time when the stars revolving around the land of Huixian turned into the land of yuanyi. The sky was full of stars, and the bright stars shone into the Hall of Ten Thousand Immortals. The faces of many immortals in the Hall of Ten Thousand Immortals were silver and dark, as beautiful as they could be. A golden rainbow rose straight into the sky from the opening of the Hall of Immortals. Lin Xiao sneered, "Three immortals,car radiator cap, you're not interested in the secret place of the secluded spring!" As soon as he raised his hand, Lin Xiao instantly moved hundreds of millions of miles away. As soon as he appeared in the void, a man appeared in front of Lin Xiao who he never thought would appear here in any case! The radiant Jiang Zizheng was standing in the void, smiling at Lin Xiao. Lin Xiao has just stepped out of the empty air, Jiang Zizhi's head has rushed out of 36 Fen Shen, countless buckets of thunder covered the sky toward Lin Xiao. Countless thunder exploded on Lin Xiao, Lin Xiao was immediately beaten, he was dizzy in the air for a while, even the north, south, east and west can not be identified. Jiang Zizai burst out laughing and said, car radiator cap ,non standard fasteners, "Dan Xiao, you're still in our hands today. What can you do for me?" As soon as the hand turns over, thousands of thunder balls condense into a dark, shiny and mellow sphere. Jiang Zizai blasts the thunder ball at Lin Xiao, just hitting Lin Xiao's chest. A loud noise, Lin Xiao in front of dozens of space collapse, a space cracks will be Lin Xiao's body everywhere is deep blood stains. The flesh of Lin Xiao's upper body was shattered by the force of the explosion, and the bloody black skeleton looked so strange in the starlight. Lin Xiao gave a loud roar of pain. He was waiting to attack Jiang Zizhi with the primordial attack method in the formula. Jiang Zizhi was already smiling and did not know where he had gone. Huang Er Xian Zun stepped out from Lin Xiao's side. He casually grabbed Lin Xiao's neck and forced Lin Xiao to get used to the mainland of Huixian. Lin Xiao's body was out of control like a meteorite falling straight down, and he crossed hundreds of millions of miles of void in an instant, just falling into the Hall of Immortals. With a muffled sound, Lin Xiao almost fell into a thin layer of ice on the board of the Hall of Immortals. His skin exploded at the same time. Muscles grinned from all parts of the body, and blood quickly moistened a large area of the face. Lin Xiao's skeleton, which was several times stronger than steel, cracked a crack, and a good man was thrown out of shape, like a pool of mud thrown by an urchin at random. Lin Yao's eyes flashed a fierce light. He was waiting for the Yellow Ear Immortal to wield the Blood-transforming Knife, but Lin Xiao shook his head at him from afar. Lin Xiao stopped Lin Yao's impulse with his eyes. He told Lin Yao with the eyes that the two brothers could understand: "Don't be impulsive!"! Just face the wall for ten billion years, and it won't hurt me! The veins on the back of Lin Yao's hand jumped, and he suddenly showed a flattering smile. He took a careful look at the three immortals and bowed his head humbly. The five immortals of Yidaomen fell down like Lin Xiao. But Lin Xiao was lying on the face of the Hall of Immortals. The five immortals were lying on the lotus platform without knowing whether they were alive or dead. A trace of golden blood flowed from the bodies of the five immortals, and the air was filled with a faint fragrance. The blood was no longer bloody, but had a fragrant fragrance. Don't blame yourself for being too ruthless! The Yellow Ear Immortal stood on the highest lotus platform with his hands behind his back. He said lightly, "It's just that the rules of the Immortal Court can be changed, but not by you!"! The power of Xianting can also be given to others, but you should not decide who the power is given to! You must abide by your duty, and you must understand your identity! A sound of the name of the Buddha sounded flat. The Buddha got up slowly, and he dodged to the side of Hongyi Immortal, and a Buddha's light shone on Hongyi Immortal. Hong Yixian Zun leisurely woke up, he turned his head blankly, suddenly saw Lin Xiao lying on the floor like a pool of rotten meat, a murderous look that could not be concealed suddenly gushed out from him. As soon as the immortal was angry, the world turned upside down. Hong Yixian Zun had the intention to kill, the original clear night sky suddenly covered with dark clouds, seven continents of Huixian continent trembled at the same time, a line of ominous blood light sprinkled from the dark clouds in the sky. Hongyi Xianzun flew into the sky with dishevelled hair. A purple and gold dragon lance with a length of two feet appeared beside him. The body of the gun is obscure and dull, but it is hidden in the pike. Hongyi Xianzun reached out and grasped the pike. Gently waved to Huang Er Xian Zun: "Huang Er, Hong Yi learned!" Hong Yi put on a desperate posture. Many immortals who had vowed to advance and retreat together with Yi Dao Men got up at the same time. With the Buddha of True Words as the leader, many immortals from the three directions of Buddha cultivation, demon cultivation,Steel investment casting, and ghost cultivation flew up at the same time. Hundreds of immortals handed their hands to the Yellow Ear Immortal and said, "Yellow Ear Immortal, we have learned!" 。