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Forensic Qin Ming (Part 1-5)

  • August 23, 2022 9:10 PM EDT

    Unwilling to preach any more, the master waved his hand and said, "It's an abnormal state of mind.". Not to say so much, now what is said is a wild guess, we have to quickly find ways to study the body parts, find out the characteristics, find out the true identity of the victim, there is hope to further solve the case. I nodded and stopped asking questions. The master said, "The brothers are going to work hard. When this case is published in the newspaper tomorrow morning, it is bound to cause a great uproar.". So, let's do more work tonight and have more information tomorrow, so that we can have confidence. Now, take your places. When we returned to the office with twenty-one evidence bags, Zheng Hongzheng, a tired-looking elder sister, happened to come to the hall. After the Yuntai case, Zheng Dajie was promoted to the director of the DNA laboratory of the provincial department. ① See the book "Silent Testimony", the second season of "Forensic Qin Ming" series. " What case? Sister Zheng asked the master,deep draw stamping, "so urgent?" "This case is a challenge for you." Master pretended to be relaxed. "It's all fried tissue. Can it be made?" Sister Zheng froze for a moment: "Fried?" Master nodded silently. Zheng Dajie immediately became more energetic, and the strange case drove away her sleepyhead. "I think there seems to be a case in the literature," she said. "I'll look for it. Leave it to me.". I'll give you the results at work tomorrow. But what do you two smell like? With that, she fanned the tip of her nose with her hand. Master, can we go home and take a shower and go to bed and wait for the result? I subconsciously sniffed my cuff again. This time, I smelled the pungent smell of swill. You wish! Master roared at me and turned to Sister Zheng and said, "These are all treasures. I can't give them to you.". In this way,metal stamping parts, you will be given an hour to turn over the literature, research methods and do preparatory work. And then I'll give you these treasures. "Why?" Sister Zheng asked. I was equally puzzled and looked at Master. Master said to Sister Zheng, "Don't worry about it. Do as I say." With that, he pulled me into the forensic pathology laboratory. Master laid a disposable tablecloth on the experimental table, and then placed the stinking suspicious objects side by side in a row. She took out the dissection instrument and handed it to me, saying, we have two tasks now. The first is to peel off the fried tissue on the surface of the tissue, and try to separate the epidermis or dermis that is not denatured, hoping to find some features on the epidermis. Second, do you know what else these babies do? I rolled my eyes, saw master staring at me, and shook my head hurriedly. Master pointed to a book on the bookshelf behind him and said, "Read the book by yourself.". The thickness and distribution of muscle fibers in each part of the human body are different. So we first need to know where these tissues probably belong. I was suddenly enlightened, titanium machining parts ,CNC machining parts, but I had no idea, so I quickly picked up the book and turned it over. Just now in the old factory building, the sense of smell was paralyzed by the towering stench, but the smell at that time was not as heavy as that of 21 "treasures" in this confined space. The double stimulation of vision and smell made me, a forensic doctor who was not a recruit, roll in my stomach. Muscle fibers are thick, splayed and gathered layer by layer. I was looking at the tissue blocks, and I was looking at the book, and I said, "These boneless body parts, they're all from the buttocks." "Yes, it's a quick understanding." Master said with relief, "If there are bones, they are either fingers or toes.". That is to say, these body parts come from buttocks and limbs. The master paused, sighed, and said, "Unfortunately, no characteristic tissue was found." The special meeting scheduled for the next morning was changed because of a phone call at six o'clock in the morning. Master's phone call meant that he needed to attend a coordination meeting for a series of cases of armed robbery and murder across the country, and that he would be on a business trip soon, so the case was handed over to me, and we were asked to solve the case within a time limit. Can't you keep such a bad case? I say. The master smiled and said, "The case I went to handle was even worse." "Then I have no idea." I say Now you drive to the airport. Master said, "Someone will help you.". ” "Airport?" "Stop talking, I'm going to get on the plane, you remember the flight number CZ9876, and then you'll know." It's really baffling. Master, what kind of suspense is this? I quickly got through to Lin Tao, asked him to meet in the hall, and then put on the police uniform and rushed to the airport to pick up the man who did not know who he was. There were not many people at the airport exit in the early morning. Lin Tao and I stood foolishly outside the iron railings of the exit in stiff police uniforms, doubtfully observing everyone passing through the exit. We both have a high rate of turning heads. We both look at Lin Tao. I'm used to the feeling of standing with handsome men. Who do you think it will be? I turned my head and asked Lin Tao. Lin Tao's eyes suddenly stiffened. Hey, I'm talking to you. I prodded Lin Tao with my elbow. Lin Tao did not reply. I felt a little strange and looked forward along Lin Tao's eyes. In the distance is a beautiful woman, waist-length hair, gold sunglasses, short skirt black silk, graceful figure, pushing a wheelchair with a white-haired old man is coming in our direction. Eh? Are you old? I remember you didn't look at beautiful women before. I laughed and said, "So there are beauties who can get into your eyes." "It's beautiful." Lin Tao sighed lightly. Haha, did you finally find the type you like? It's not easy. I said, "Why don't I get her number for you?" "What are you looking at?" A short but strong crew-cut man gave Lin Tao a sudden push. Lin Tao glared. "What are you doing?" Seeing that the conflict was about to happen, I hurried over to pull them apart,alloy die casting, and there was a tall and thin man with me. Is that you? When I saw the crew-cut man's face clearly, I was overjoyed and hugged him, ignoring the anger of the crew-cut man.