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President's husband catches up with the door

  • August 23, 2022 9:08 PM EDT

    Su Xi did not know how much Fu Yueze knew, but now when she was facing Fu Yueze, she could not say anything. Fu Yueze will do is his business, she wants to use their own way, let Nangong Jing regret at the beginning. A few days later, Susie got a call from the police. She said that there were new developments in the case and hoped that she would cooperate with the police investigation. Su Xi rushed over from the company and went into the police station to meet the policeman who had made a statement with her last time. Miss Su, I'm sorry to let you go again. The situation is like this. A Miss Mo Yian came to report the case, saying that she was taken away in a premeditated way, and pointed out the suspect. We need your relevant record. The policeman said very politely. The big case fell on his head, and he was also in trouble. A new witness appeared, pointed out that it was the daughter of Nangong Group, Nangong Jing, a case involving Fu Shi, Nian Shi, and the former Su Shi Group, and now it involves He Shi Group and Nangong Group. Any one of these families came out to stamp their feet, and the land of a city had to shake a few shakes. Now they are all in this case. The mayor calls every day to ask about the progress. How can he afford to offend such a small potato? Even a little bit of clues also have to be careful to deal with. Suxi followed the policeman's line of sight and saw Mo Yian sitting alone in the corner, slightly hunched, head hanging down, so that people could not see her face clearly. She was thinner, as if all the spirit had been taken away from her. If she didn't look carefully, Suxi wouldn't recognize her at all. All right For the police's investigation and evidence collection work, Su Xi showed great cooperation. She only paused when she looked at Mo Yian, and then followed the police officer's instructions to the interrogation room. After she left, Mo Yian slowly looked up at the aisle, his eyes full of tears and his face as white as paper.


    Catalogue Chapter 115 Encounter on the Narrow Road Updated: 2015-12-23 16:56:07 Words: 4037 < H1 > Chapter 115 Narrow Encounter


    It's time to ask. The last time I made a statement, I asked in detail. All the men who had done something to Su Xi died in the explosion. The whole process was hidden. They only said that before they had time to do it, Nian Siyao had arrived. There was no trace left at the scene. All of them were blown to pieces. Su Yueer was directly locked up in an insane asylum after a psychiatric appraisal. The result of the appraisal was that she was a severe mental patient and could not bear any criminal responsibility. The girl who called Susie absconded without being caught. In this way,Nail machine manufacturer, there is no one who can take responsibility in this case now. Fu Yueze's son died a violent death, no bones, involved in so many plutocrats, but is such a result. No wonder the mayor is so anxious that his mouth is full of bubbles. The police officers in the police station are in deep water every day. Today, the case finally made progress, but Mr. He's wife, no, should be said to be his ex-wife, actually pointed out that Fu Yueze's fiancee Nangong Jing was the real behind-the-scenes instigator, and the police officer felt that there were two big ones. Rich and powerful families love each other and kill each other. It's really brilliant. It's just that they are the people's public servants who are paid to eat. They can't afford to offend anyone. They all have a quick smile and stiff face. They bow to each other and bow to each other. Miss Su, thank you for your cooperation. That's all for today's transcript. If there is any need, we will call you again. The officer got up and said politely to Susie. Su Xi nodded and went out without saying anything superfluous. The police officer has been a policeman for so many years, but he has never seen such a victim. He has a rare beauty. He has not seen him for more than ten days. He is like a different person. He is cold, silent and silent. He still remembered the first time he had seen her, many days ago, wire nail making machine ,Coil nail machine, when she cried so hard that she fainted several times, which made people feel pity. Hee-hee.. Out of the interrogation hall, was stopped by Mo Yian halfway, Su Xi is not surprised. Mo Yian's state, is completely a patient's appearance, unexpectedly looks more pitiful than many days can not sleep peacefully. Su Xi looked at her, but there was no impulse to talk to her, a cold heart, only feel that the person in front of her is now worse than strangers, she blamed herself, but also blame others, if there is no Mo Yian mobile phone, without their own meddling, perhaps Chen Chen will not die. She could not forgive herself, nor could she forgive Mo Yian. With a slight pause, Susie turned her face away and walked on. Hee-hee! "Mo Yi-an took Su-hee's hand, her fingers cold, like ice to the bone," they don't believe me, they say the evidence is not enough to convict Nangong Jing, I'm sorry, Hee-hee, I'm sorry.. " Mo Yian shed tears and cried one by one. Su Xi brushed Mo Yian's hand off his wrist. She knew this would be the result, didn't she? "Her words were so cold that there was no sense of what she was thinking now." Sorry, Hee-hee, I'm sorry, it's all my fault, it's my fault, I'm sorry. Mo Yian was so sad that he couldn't help himself. She had a miscarriage and was too weak to be guarded by his mother every day. It was not easy for her to escape from the hospital, but the result was so cruel. She sat in the police station all day and refused to leave, and the guilt in her heart had overwhelmed her. Don't say sorry to me. Su Xi said lightly, "it's not me you're sorry for, it's yourself." After all, it is the most important case in the police station over the years. Su Xi, the client in the police station, has attracted much attention in public. From time to time, he felt the eyes coming from everywhere, and Suxi lifted his feet and walked away without feeling anything. I know you can't forgive me again. During this time, I was pregnant and had a miscarriage. I married Jingyu for only a week and divorced. I've got retribution, I'm sorry, Hee-hee, I know I can't get it back, I know I'm wrong, I really know.. Mo Yian murmured behind Suxi, watching Suxi walk away step by step, her tears raging,iron nail machine, crying powerless, bending her hands to support her legs, her thin body falling to the ground at any time.