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Starcraft Abandoned Son Counterattack-Ye You

  • August 23, 2022 9:08 PM EDT

    No matter how dissatisfied they were, Xie Yi left. However A few days later, Xie Yi went home again and simply took all his family away, including Mu Qian, Qin Hao and others, as well as their forces. More than 500 people, the island can accommodate. It is said to be a small island, but in fact it is more like an isolated city. The island is heavily guarded and well-equipped. There are mountains and forests around it for hunting. The buildings in the residential area are not much worse than those in the city. Except for the small flow of people, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, shopping malls and so on, all the islands in the city have them. Xie Yi guessed that the red boss was preparing for the future. When the Red Boss leaves in the future, he must arrange his men. The island is an excellent shelter and can be built into a communication center. According to the news of the red boss, the island has been targeted, and the reason why there is no action now is that the transport array has not been successfully arranged. Black Star will inevitably become the center of the competition in the future. It is better to show it in a big way than to hide it. By the way, it can collect money. As long as the successor of Red Boss controls the island, he can control countless money. What's more, he can control the lifeblood of many masters of Bixing Department. Red boss is also well-intentioned. However, Xie Yi did not intend to participate, so he would take his family away, not only because he was concerned about it, but also because he did not want his family to be in danger and become a bargaining chip against him. Red boss told him the news, but also to sell him a favor, after all, as the layout of the transport array,High Speed Nail Making Machine, he is destined to become the target of many people want to control. Chapter 94 Life on the island is very busy and full. Xie Yi is busy arranging the transport array, while a large number of alchemy, while the island life is quiet and undisturbed, just can improve people's cultivation, by the way, he also arranged a simple refining array, to avoid everyone advancing too fast to cause the foundation unstable. Never seen such a fast way to advance, Qin Hao's mercenary soldiers said they were very happy. As soon as Xie Nian and Ling Shao saw that their father was free, they would come forward and ask for advice. Ling Laozi and Ling Yu announced the retreat at the same time. Bai Haoxing.. After Si Kun knew the news,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, he was unwilling to lag behind. He hurriedly finished dealing with the matter in his hands and once again severely cheated the Bai family. Then, he left his tail to Zhou Huaian to deal with. He rushed to Black Star without stopping. He also needed to close the door as soon as possible. Think at the beginning, his repair is also high Xie Yi line, now, do not work hard Ling Yu can catch up with him, as once when the emperor, Si Kun don't want to be thrown away too far, Si Kun has always been very clear about his purpose, will not be blinded by hatred, advanced level is the most important thing for him. He can only go back to the Silver Blue Galaxy if he is advanced. Only get together three strong, silver blue galaxy can be promoted to become a medium star field, after all, Ling old man is old, within a few decades there is little hope of advancement, but he and Ling Yu can. Black star recently undercurrent surging, Si Kun not long ago has got the news, when he knew Xie Yi withdrew all the people to the island, the heart immediately understood, Nail machine supplier ,Automatic Nail Making Machine, Xie Yi will not go back, arranged the transport array, this goods must leave, Si Kun can not want to be left behind, so he hurriedly opened the communication contact people to join their big team. Busy, time flashed by. Another decade has passed. In the past ten years, the island has witnessed two energy storms at the advanced level, followed by Sikun and Lingyu, both of whom have broken through to become masters at the level. Xie Yi has been controlling the time to arrange the transport array, not too fast, not too slow, too fast wife too late to advance, too slow red boss will be unhappy, therefore, two people advanced not long after, the arrangement of the transport quickly entered the end. Xie Yi didn't say anything to anyone. Long before he came to the island, he asked the Red Boss to help him buy a top warship, and by the way, he also needed a lot of materials for modification. Now, no one knows where the warship is parked except Xie Yi. After the successful arrangement of the transport array, Xie Yi immediately ordered the evacuation, and a group of people quietly left the island, leaving only a communication for the red boss. Behind the matter, he does not want to participate, also does not want to watch the red eldest brother to start the transport array the scene, leaves is his best choice. Facts have proved that Xie Yi is right. Just three days after they left, the Black Star launched a seesaw battle. The big men from all sides of the Bixing Department all gathered at the Black Star, including many strong men at the peak of the prefectural level. If Xie Yi stays, he will only be held hostage, and even many families have begun to trace his whereabouts, and every planet has begun a comprehensive census of the population. Faced with the pressure of many strong people, even the red boss can not keep him, not to mention, the red boss is about to leave. All kinds of news from Black Star came to my ears. I heard that the Red Boss was about to start the transport array in a month. Heard that, because of the control of the island, a lot of big brother shameless fight, and finally the red boss superior, to destroy the transport array as a threat, elected his successor to take over the island. All parties are at their wits' end, and have secretly scolded the red boss for being cunning, but they really have no way to destroy the transport array, which is tantamount to destroying their hopes. As a result, more people are looking for Xie Yi, every corner of the Biheng Galaxy is not spared, and even the space passage back to the Silver Blue Galaxy has an army handle. Xie Yi said that this does not matter, the space channel, this can not go a big deal to change a new one, the space nodes in the universe are numerous, it is impossible for every channel to have a handle. He was just a little tired of the dense tracing behind him. The main reason was that Ling missed his son and wanted to see him before he left. No way, Xie Yi could only go to Sirius under pressure and feel tired in the days of hiding here and there. But it's a good thing they're here. Although the relationship between Ling Yu and Ling Ziheng is secret, it is not unknown that when they arrived at Sirius, Ling Ziheng had been fully monitored. In this way, Ling Laozi is happy, simply persuade Ling Ziheng to leave with him, the silver blue galaxy is the hometown of his son, they go, who knows those insane people,Iron Nail Making Machine, will not assassinate his son, not to mention, Ling Laozi also reluctant to give up his grandson.