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Chaotic minister by the moon is like a cake

  • August 23, 2022 9:08 PM EDT

    And the biggest branch in the palace is the emperor. He Ling promised to let another little maid deliver the meal on her behalf, and she went back to her room, her calf trembling with pain, and she gritted her teeth without letting anyone see anything unusual. Sitting on the edge of the bed with the bell, she slowly rolled up her pants. There was a very obvious bruise on her calf. She applied it with her self-made golden sore medicine. The cold ointment melted on her skin, and immediately a lot of pain subsided. He Ling leaned against the edge of the bed, closed his eyes and meditated. Mammy's kick just now was a warning. She probably thought she had stolen the food, and she didn't blame Mammy for thinking that if she had really fallen, the plate would have broken long ago. No one was willing to go to the cold palace, which was why Mammy had not embarrassed her just now. And the bell's mind suddenly sounded Zhao Junhan mouth spit that two words, he said, tomorrow. Do you want to continue to eat free food tomorrow? Beautiful! He Ling lived in the same room with another maid who passed the dishes. The fatigue of her body and the fright in the daytime made her lie in bed and fall asleep early. I had a dream with the bell. He Shi's name is Duan. He is an illegal ancestor. He is a doctor with a poisonous heart. He attempted to murder the emperor's heir. He perverted the law and was not respected. It was difficult for him to be tolerated by the palace rules. He took his official position and gave him a cup of poisonous wine. In the dream, the bloody knife of the Royal Guards stood in front of her. The man was dressed in a flying fish suit with a jade belt around his waist. He could not see his face clearly. He only remembered that the man's jaw was very cold. The sharp edge of the knife cut on his mother's back, forcing her mother to let go of her father's hand. He Ling seemed to be in a fog. She ran forward desperately to catch her father's foot. The man in the flying fish suit seemed to look back at her. His dark and sharp eyes looked at her coldly. His eyes were gloomy and dead. He Ling was startled by his eyes and suddenly woke up from his dream. He Ling opened his eyes wide and gasped for breath, as if he were still in the blood-filled world of dreams. After a long time,Nail machine manufacturer, and bell's mood gradually calmed down, she patted her chest, secretly told herself that it was just a dream, and she had not had this terrible dream for a long time. He Ling sat up from the bed, but fortunately she did not wake up the person sleeping in the other bed. Her eyes were dull and her eyes fell into the air. The sky outside the paper window gradually brightened up. The faint light shone through the window into the room. The white light flashed through her mind. Then she realized that she had missed an important thing. The cold palace was remote, and very few people in the palace would go there. The eunuchs she saw yesterday did not seem to have nothing to do. The clothes they were wearing were probably the people in charge of ritual supervision. The leading eunuch was at least above the seventh grade. The steamed bread was the poison of the scissors tree,Nail Making Machine price, which could not be saved even if Hua Tuo was alive. The eunuch didn't want to amuse himself. He really wanted the prince to die. He Ling's face gradually turned white, so that once the eunuch found out that the man was not dead and found himself on his head, he would be in danger. Think of here, her hand clenched the sheet, really should not move so little compassion, this small action, is already in trouble. He and the bell got up, dressed, and went to the kitchen, where the cook had begun to prepare breakfast. The food in the cold palace is on the table. You can take it by yourself. Said the cook as he kneaded the dough. He Ling went to the table and stopped again when she was ready to go out with the food box. She turned around and smiled at the cook. "Master, Automatic nail machine ,nail manufacturing machine, can you give me one more bowl of porridge?" As she spoke, she pointed to her stomach again. "I went to bed early last night, and now I'm hungry." The old cook was also very nice. He waved his hand, "Cheng, you go to the pot and pour a bowl by yourself. Don't let others see it. I can tell you that you can't drink this porridge on weekdays. It was ordered by the empress of the harem herself." He Ling is stupefied, after eyebrow eye smiles, very good-looking, she says: "I dare not drink what you say." In fact, the food in the dining hall seldom has the chance to be eaten by the people above. The empress of each palace has her own small kitchen, not to mention the emperor. "Send it quickly, and when it's late, you'll be scolded by Mammy again." He Ling nodded and then walked in the direction of the cold palace. She walked with the bell on tenterhooks, and all the way quietly she could hear the sound of her footsteps falling on the ground. She tightened her body and dared not relax at all. And the bell in the moment to see Zhao Junhan, hanging in the heart of the stone hit down heavily, really is not to escape it? Zhao Junhan was still wearing a dirty face that could not be seen, wrapped in thin clothes, the shoes under his feet had a hole in them, and a few toes were exposed in the cold air. He seemed to smile at the bell, and his shining eyes fell into the bell's hand. He held out his hand, and the voice of his hoarse throat was like an evil ghost. "Bring it." With a breath in her heart, she confronted him with her eyes for a long time, but finally she was defeated. She angrily opened the lid of the box, brought out the hot porridge inside, and handed it to him with a spoon in the bowl. It was the bowl of porridge she had just asked the cook for. Zhao Junhan raised his eyebrows, took the porridge, and looked up to swallow it. Her cold voice fell on her ear, "Use a spoon." Her understatement caused him to pause. Zhao Junhan held the bowl, bowed his head and did not know what he was thinking. When he raised his head and opened his mouth to speak, he heard footsteps coming from not far away. His eyes were cold. He pulled the wrist of the bell and quickly hid in the dark. He Ling's mouth was covered by his other hand, at this time, she has been unable to make a sound. The two men hid, and the owner of the footsteps passed by. Two of yesterday's eunuchs. Did you find the body? "Come on, where can I find this spooky place? Who knows where that little animal is dead or alive?" "Do you think he's not dead?" "Oh, you're not joking, are you? Just like his reincarnation of a starving ghost,wire nail machine manufacturers, can you not eat it?"? In my opinion, we don't have to look for the body of that little beast. There are many places where people can hide in the cold palace. Even if his body is rotten, we can't find it. "What shall we say about Grandfather Liu?" 。