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Tiankui Star-Willow Setting Sun _ txt Novel Paradise

  • August 23, 2022 9:07 PM EDT

    Knife and "golden dragon head" collision, sent out "when" "choking three rings absolutely shock loud noise, severely blame askew back and then counterattack, still words must be done! Since the inheritance dares, the disciples are also scattered. Relatives and family members all fly ash; I have to twist the edge and do not keep it there is no difference! One, c-.. Chou Ren was a little moved, but he still had a fierce way. Qi Tongba * Si'an, Yan Gui Guangyi … ,…… One. "It's just the life of the bridge," said Yan Gui in a dull voice, as he asked with a flying knife. Non-blocking foolishness 8 Qu Mowgli, as he passed over the attack and rejection, shouted at the top of his voice, "Why did you say so much to him?"? And let me smash this fellow! -‘” Yan Gui snorted coldly, "If you can flatten me, Yan Da, you won't leave the whole body of Yan.". -…… 、。 The black leather weaves Beijing to fly to raise the platform, "the golden dragon head" roars sweeps to look for Qu Wuji area just: "Lao Tzu wants you to have a look!" At the same time, he dictated four shots and shouted, "Brother Qiu, no one is allowed to interfere.". I'm alone with this side! "" Standing in the light of the torch, the description of the price forbearance has an unspeakable style and loneliness, he looked at the two sprints in front of him who were doing a life-and-death struggle, and the corners were being repaired again and again. So, all of a sudden -- Qu Wuji's "golden dragon head" and "live steel" broke open Yan Gui's "double-edged knife" abruptly, and his black skin twisted from bottom to top,wire nail machine manufacturers, wrapped around each other's neck with a sound of "instigation"! At that moment, Yan Gui's body darted forward, and the "hole" of the black leather noose was added to his neck. But his left hand turned over, and a dagger with a brilliant flash was already in his hand. It was so fast and unspeakable that it suddenly stabbed Qu Wuji's Xiaozheng; Such a desperate fight will only have one result-Qu Mowgli's Pi Tong will be able to pull the blame out and wring his neck bone, but the dagger of the blame will inevitably go deep into Qu Mowgli's belly! The change of the thing is fast to extremely, between this very critical moment, a paragraph of riotous dazzling brilliant essence is flashing, the dagger in strict blame left hand already "when" " The sound wave city flies out, he has not yet had the second great change movement,Coil Nail Making Machine, already by Qu Mowgli's black leather system rope pulls to the ground! Yiqu Mowgli's bread was changing rapidly. He could have shaken it hard and thrown it out. In that case, Yan would have no luck. But somehow, Qu did not intend to do so. He was after the severe blame! Only with the "golden dragon head" of the corner blade against the other side at once! Under the leadership of Cen Xinian, dozens of big fellow swarmed up and saw the flock of sheep, quickly and neatly a few moments will be stabbed to the ground of Yan Gui Yang a solid. Qu Wuji gazed at Yan for a moment, shook his head, and strode over. He looked at Qiu Ren with a strange expression. "Why bother, brother?" He said hoarsely. Just now, it was Chou Ren who had taught Qu Wuji and saved Yan Gui in the crisis. When Chou Ren heard this, he said with a wry smile, "You must have done it, Brother Qu.". ” Qu Mowgli cooled his blood and sweat to the ground and sighed, "I really want to fight with him to the end!" Chou Ren said in a low voice, "Do you want me to watch you die with Yan Guan?" Qu Mowgli gritted his teeth and said, "Granny, he's the only one who knows how to fight for it. Why don't I know?"? He has guts, but I don't have guts? He's not afraid of death. Is it true that Qu is afraid? I made up my mind to fight him to the death, Nail machine supplier ,Nail production machine, and this bastard sold the anchor place. Chou Ren breathed a sigh of relief and said, "You're trying to add to the trouble out of thin air, Brother Qu. We've already won a great victory, and we've gained an absolute advantage. How can we feel if you end up going down with the enemy?"? Besides, we have more important things to do, and you're so relieved to leave? What is the value of this? With a stern look, Qu Mowgli knew that the "more important thing" in Chou Ren's mouth was their hatred for Yin Zhongshe, which referred to his wife's humiliation. This matter could be said to have a great connection with Qu Mowgli, and it was also the greatest guilt in his life. How could he die lightly if he had not avenged himself? Then, can't help cold sweat to build quickly! "I'm sorry, brother," he said in fear. "I was really reckless.." Chou Ren's eyes were red, and he said, "After all these days of getting along with each other, you and I are like brothers. Righteousness is as heavy as a mountain. Under any circumstances, I can't bear to see you do harm, and you certainly won't let me love you. So, Brother Qu, just now I met with each other from my heart and went out to the city. Don't blame me!" Qu Wuji rustled, "If you say that again, I'll feel even more ashamed." "Brother Qu," said Ren Kaifu to one side, "there is something I would like to ask.. "Ask for instructions," said Mowgli. With a laugh, Ren Kaifu said, "Just now, you could have used the power of throwing the rope to kill him. How could you let him go and burn him?" Qu Wuji said with a wry smile, "The reason is very simple, Ren Ba, because Yan Gu's defeat was not entirely caused by my strength. The greatest contribution was made by Qiu Laodi."; I have said that I will fight with him alone, but if Qiu Laodi helps me, I can't fight alone. Yes, although Yan Gui has been defeated, I can't kill him. If I do so, I'm afraid it's not open and aboveboard enough. A man, a real man, should say yes. Ren Kaifu stretched out his thumb and said, "Brother Qu, you are really a gentleman!" "Thank you, brother Ren," said Qu Mowgli. At this moment, Cen Xinian came over sweating profusely, and he said angrily. In tonight's battle, the'Gange Gate 'crumbled and completely disintegrated, and we won a great victory and won a beautiful east wind? Extreme! Ren Kaifu laughed and scolded, "You've got me. We've suffered a lot of damage, and our vitality has been greatly hurt by Russia. If it weren't for the help of Brother Qiu and Brother Qu, I really don't know who will win. It's a beautiful and imposing bird!" Then he glanced at Yan Gui, who was being helped to the boat, and asked, "This Shura field can be cleaned up!" Shaking his head, Cen Xinian said, "It's still early. There's a lot of fighting going on, and there's a lot of fighting going on. There's an embankment in the middle,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, and there's a river behind it. How can you clean up so quickly?" "Well," said Ren Kaifu, "the damage is not yet clear.