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Porous ceramic filter firing

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    July 27, 2022 5:22 AM EDT

    switch off the heating unit after porous ceramic filter heating is finished. guide inert fuel into the rotor and release molten aluminum into the box when the heater temperature is closed to molten aluminum temperature.


    check the sealing among inlet/outlet and launder.


    test the cone located in heat protection draining inside the backside.


    test the molten aluminum temperature (min 720°C). Make the peak of molten aluminum be far from the launder bottom at 3cm for watching the molten aluminum going into thebox.


    The operator shall wear shielding clothes to close the duvet. The slag on the surface can be skimmed via the porous ceramic filter when the molten aluminum flows into the box.


    start manufacturing while the temperature is as much as 780°C. close porous ceramic filter outlet for heating renovation.


    Molten aluminum can be retained in the box with setting temperature during the warmth protection phase however with no molten aluminum managing.


    guide inert gases into the rotor to save you air outlet blocking off through molten aluminum.


    activate the heater as quickly as molten aluminum flow into the field is completed and set warmth protection parameters.


    starting the heating system, manage the temperature of the molten aluminum, screen the gasoline go with the flow fee, and the rate of the rotor is changed from the heat maintenance level to the processing level. on the identical time, the inert fuel flow into the rotor increases, and the fuel waft charge is modified from the preservation stage to the processing degree.


    The operator units the molten aluminum heating temperature and maintains a strong porous ceramic filter running circumstance.