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Turbo-degassing unit : rapid and

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    July 24, 2022 11:44 PM EDT
    Adtech degassing unit 10 / 20 / 30
    The ENA is suitable for system pressures from up to 0,8 bar. This makes the SOTEX ENA particularly suitable for use in heating systems in international horticulture. In these systems low pressures (about 0,8 to 1 bar) and hose systems are common networks. A hose just causes more air inlet into the heating water system than a steel heating system. The ideal situation for applying a vacuum de-aeration unit. Air in these heating systems causes poor water circulation and reduces power transmission. The SOTEX ENA prevents these inconveniences. Clients can choose between two ways of degassing unit;
    - Turbo-degassing: rapid and effective degassing after installation, without gaps between the de-aerating cycles.
    - Normal venting: energy efficient operation by programming longer breaks between the de-aerating cycles. The user can choose between two ways of
    By an RS 485 interface, all machine parameters are transferred to a building management system. The ENA does self-monitoring through a plausibility check-on the sensor values. A collective fault signal is possible.
    In combination with the optional water supply unit NFE, the ENA can also be used as refill unit.