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Degassing unit efficiency is above 60%

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    July 21, 2022 5:32 AM EDT
    The Adtech Box type in-line rotor degassing unit is usually installed between the discharge outlet of the smelting furnace and the filter box. Melts flow into the BDU and rotate the rotor to break inert gases, forming a large quantity of dispersed bubbles, which then enter into the aluminum melts. After collision, capturing, surface adsorption and partial pressure action, the bubbles rise with gases and take hydrogen and oxide slags out of melts, making them into scums. Then, aluminum melts outflow from the degassing unit outlet, thus realizing the purpose of continuous in-line refining. •Adtech box-type in-line rotor degassing unit is designed based on the advantages of mainstream box-type degassing devices available in the market, with several key technologies, such as box sealing and anti-turbulence on the surface of aluminum liquid, improved ensuring high efficiency and continuous stability Low-cost operation.
    Equipment Features • Degassing efficiency is above 60% - Optimized dispersion of process gases in melts; - The maximum area and time of contact between dispersed bubbles and melts; - The box is completely sealed, ensuring a stable inert gas environment; - Smooth melt surface without turbulent effect. • Easy installation and maintenance. Simple replacement of the liner of the preformed degassing box, which minimizing production downtime. • Long component life, low maintenance and operation costs. - The heater and heater protection tube have a service life of more than 3 months; - The box has a service life of more than 1 year; - The rotor and rotating shaft have a service life of more than 3 months;
    - Gases can be cooled without the rotor rotating the main shaft. • Solving the problem of large amount of aluminum in the box. - A wholly tiltable degassing unit is optional. It can be tipped over at a specified time before the end of casting to pour all molten aluminum stored in the box into the launder to finish casting, thus solving the problem of excess aluminum storage in the box.