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The Filter Box And Ceramic Foam Filters To Make Them Close

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    July 18, 2022 4:30 AM EDT

    The ceramic foam filter is made of structured foam sponge and high purity ceramic materials, its interior is full of crisscrossing and penetrating micropore, which can efficiently intercept and adsorb the tiny impurities in molten aluminium, it will help to solve the slag inclusion problem in aluminum casting.

    Advantages of ceramic foam filters

    Use more 4-5 times than other CFF in case of Electrical heating 1.26Mpa compressive strength higher than other CFF 0.6-1MPa


    1. Clean the filter box before using a ceramic foam filter

    2. Gently place the ceramic foam filters into the filter box slot and press the sealing around to prevent side flow.

    3. Uniformly preheat the filter box and CFF to make them close to the molten aluminum temperature

    4. preheated by electric or gas Under normal circumstances: 15-30min.

    5. make launder full of molten aluminum during filtration, avoid striking and vibrating

    6. After the filtration, take out the ceramic foam filter plate in time and clean the filter box.