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Connect QuickBooks To Clio

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    July 6, 2022 2:11 AM EDT

    To integrate Clio with QuickBooks, users must have a QuickBooks Online account. The quickbooks clio integration  allows users to sync contacts between Clio and QuickBooks Online. The contacts and customers originating from QuickBooks Online will not be automatically synced over to Clio but should be manually entered into Clio. The contacts with Approved invoices (unpaid) will sync from Clio to QuickBooks Online. After getting synced, if a user updates a Clio account in either application then it will get updated in the other application. It will sync invoices from Clio to QuickBooks Online. The payments and credit notes applied to Bills in Clio will also get synced to QuickBooks Online. The integration will also sync trust transactions from Clio to QuickBooks Online (one-way from Clio to QuickBooks Online).