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Connect Quickbooks To Xtrachef

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    June 30, 2022 6:27 AM EDT

    XtraCHEF can be described as a solution provider tool that is designed to help restaurant managers, operators, chefs, and other related users to become more efficient in creating and automating invoices, expenses, and management in the most cost-effective manner. xtraCHEF delivers benefits like cost-of-goods analytics, price tracking, and on-demand reporting which helps users in making correct decisions. This management tool uses advanced image capture technology that allows the platform to snap photos of invoices, procure all types of important details, and digitalize content.  Significantly speaking, it offers integration with many accounting and inventory management tools like QuickBooks. The biggest advantage of using quickbooks xtrachef integration is its cost-effective features and tools that not only simplify but also rationalize restaurant operation, mobile capture functionality, real-time data extraction, customizable categories, and auto-GL coding tool.