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Thermoplastic Fiber Molding Machine

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    May 20, 2022 11:45 PM EDT

    Thermoplastic Fiber Molding Machine abbreviated as thermoplastic molding, aiming at the secondary forming of thermoplastic ABS/PP/PA fiber sheet.According to the requirement of thermoplastic forming process, the Ultra-high Pressure Forming Machine provides the principle of rapid uniform heating and low temperature setting to realize energy saving and high efficiency mass production.Get more news about double deck compression forming machine,you can vist our website!

    Application of Ultra-high Pressure Forming Machine:
    Lightweight automotive accessories, aviation seats, new energy battery cover and shell, automotive decorative parts, 3C electrical products shell, etc.
    1. Applicable materials: Composite sheet (thin film) 3D forming field, such as PC sheet, PC+PMMA sheet, PMMA sheet, etc.
    2. Scope of application: Ultra-thin electronic accessories (3D mobile phone back cover panel/panel), touch screen of electronic products, industrial nameplate/panel, 3D hollow dashboard, electronic products windows, electronic shell, automobile touch screen and other fields.

    Advantages of equipment
    1. Control system: PLC + double touch control system;
    2. Main structure: The main force-bearing structural parts are cast with ductile iron and have good rigidity.
    3. Flatness: The upper and lower hot plates are hardened by nitriding, and the surface is high wear-resistant in India.
    4. Baking system: The sheet heating system adopts imported IR infrared heating module, with precise automatic temperature compensation control of temperature module, and adopts servo control to move in and out quickly and stably.
    5. Air pressure: The range of pressure is 60-150 Kg/cm, which meets all kinds of complex 3D stretching