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Types of Corrugated Boxes

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    May 20, 2022 11:16 PM EDT

    With the current restrictions in place due to coronavirus, many consumers are ordering their essentials online. If your business is shipping out groceries, prepared meals, and other necessities, make sure you have the right corrugated cardboard boxes and containers to transport your goods safely. You'll find corrugated boxes used for many purposes across the foodservice industry, from food shipments to takeout containers. Keep reading to learn about the different types of corrugated cardboard and their uses.Get more news about Packaging Boxes 1 Layer,you can vist our website!

    What is Corrugated Cardboard?
    Corrugated cardboard, sometimes just called corrugated, is a sturdy packaging material made of three layers of kraft paper. It’s named for the interior layer of wavy paper, also called the corrugated medium, which gives the cardboard its strength. During manufacturing, the inner sheet is put through the corrugation process to create flutes or stiff folds in the paper. The corrugated medium is then glued in between two sheets of kraft paper, which form the exterior liners. Thanks to the three-layer structure, corrugated cardboard is much stronger than regular cardboard.

    What is a Corrugated Box?
    Corrugated shipping boxes are made of sheets of corrugated cardboard. Stacks of corrugated cardboard are trimmed, scored, and folded to create cartons of all shapes and sizes. Glue is applied to corners and folds for even greater stability.
    Sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard, the ridged flutes of corrugated paper are designed to support a great deal of weight. Not only is this beneficial for shipping purposes, but it also plays an important part in supporting the weight of food in pizza boxes and corrugated cardboard takeout boxes.

    This cardboard fluting construction also plays an integral role in protecting items during transportation and preventing damages. The curved arches created by these flutes make boards durable and resist pressure applied from any angle. The empty space located between the flutes and under the arches even provides cushioning, as well as insulation in the event of extreme temperature changes.
    All corrugated cardboard has a layer of corrugated fluting and at least one liner. Fluting and liners can be combined in different layers to create different types. These are the common types of corrugated board used in packaging and shipping:

    Single face board has only two layers, a liner layer and a corrugated layer. It's not as durable as the other types of corrugated cardboard but is often used inside of boxes to add extra cushioning.

    Single wall board is the most common type of corrugated cardboard. If someone is talking about corrugated cardboard, they are most likely referring to this style. It consists of two outer liners and a middle layer of corrugated medium.