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World of Warcraft answers some player questions

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    April 22, 2022 10:14 PM EDT

    Out of the many reveals that World of Warcraft made during its announcement of the Dragonflight expansion, some of the greatest curiosity from players is related to the upcoming changes to the talent tree system. The devs have taken in some of the questions players have posed and provided a few answers that could be shared prior to further reveals likely to come over the next few months.To get more news about Buy WoW Dragonflight Gold EU, you can visit official website.

    Among the details shared by the devs is confirmation that most nodes in the trees will cost one point, with some costing two or three; about two-thirds of a tree being filled out at max level “very, very roughly speaking”; and the potential for players to share saved character builds with others, though that feature is something the devs want to do but have otherwise no solid plans for.

    A follow-up dev reply provides even more context: Talent trees open at level 10, with points being earned at every level, alternating between one class point and one spec point. Points cannot be spent in a different spec tree, and later tiers of a tree don’t open up until talents in the top row of a tree are obtained first.

    Furthermore, the shape of tree nodes determines the kinds of abilities they are: squares are active abilities, circles are passive effects, and octagons are choice nodes, where players can pick one of multiple options in that talent node; the diamond-shaped nodes on the sides of the tree are from a mechanic that the devs are not planning to include. Most of the talent points are things from the current or past game, but there are also new active and passive abilities in the new class and spec trees.

    In more current WoW news, players can busy themselves with the return of the Easter-themed Noblegarden event, which offers up daily quests, egg hunts, and the opportunity to show off some Noblegarden finery. The event runs between now and Monday, April 25th.