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UV Laser Marking Machines

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    March 25, 2022 10:11 PM EDT

    Laser ultraviolet (UV) marking machines are known for their high absorption rates, which enable them to mark various materials with minimal heat damage and excellent contrast, especially on plastic and organic materials.Get more news about Uv Laser Marker,you can vist our website!

    If you’re looking for a durable and dependable UV laser engraving machine for your application needs, Telesis Technologies, Inc. offers cutting-edge solutions.Our UV laser marking machines feature small but powerful laser beams that enable high-precision micro-marking with exceptional resolution sharpness. These markers are ideal for cold marking applications where heat-affected zones must be eliminated.
    The UVCDS is a versatile UV laser marking machine for plastic and silicone. This high-quality system minimizes the risk of heat-related damage with its cold marking methods, making it useful for materials that cannot be damaged or physically flawed.

    This UV laser marker prevents micro-fracturing when marking fragile materials like glass, gemstones, medical instruments, solar panels, circuit boards and microchips. They can also mark silicon and some plastics with zero additives.
    Our UV/One™ laser marking machine helps companies save space with its compact all-in-one marker and controller design. You can easily integrate this UV laser engraver into your existing production lines while eliminating everyday consumables, resulting in reduced operational costs.

    The UV/One™ suppresses the effects of heat when marking materials, preventing burrs and yellow tinting to promote a near-perfect surface finish.Optimize your UV laser marking with Merlin®, our intuitive proprietary software designed to run our entire suite of laser markers, dot peen systems and scribe marking products. This program is equipped with many advanced features, from touchscreen controllers and dual-head lasers to fixed button controllers.