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What Is Sintered Stone

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    January 22, 2022 12:45 AM EST

    What Is Sintered Stone (Differences vs Granite & Quartz)

    Sintered stone is one of the new hot topics in the interior design world. This is because they are the best of both worlds – natural and engineered.Get more news about Sintered Stone,you can vist our website!

    Sintered stone uses natural materials that make for beautiful surfaces, and it uses an engineered process that adds speed and flexibility. The speed helps save money, and the flexibility allows the choice of color, texture and size.

    All these options are available, while still having the quality materials at the base of the surface.Sintering is a process of combining multiple materials into one solid piece. The process actually mimics that of the natural process that creates granite.

    Basically the sintering process is the manmade version of the intense heat and pressure that the earth does to materials to create certain surfaces.When making a sintered stone surface, the materials themselves must be selected and then follow this process, mimicking that of the earth.

    To choose which natural materials are put together it is best to know what colors and textures are desired in the final outcome.

    Typically in interior design something that has been sintered is made to be used as an expensive kitchen countertop, there are many other uses for this material such as fireplace surfaces, wall cladding and flooring.Sintered surfaces are made from natural materials that go through the engineered process of sintering, which mimics the natural compression and heat of the environment.

    Sintered surfaces give the illusion of natural faults and unique qualities. Sintered stone can appear like natural stone, wood, or even a smooth surface.

    This type of stone can be made into a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and textures, all while still using natural materials. This stone is a relatively light material, requiring less structural elements in the surface.Sintered stone is a common choice when it comes to countertops as well as backsplashes and other kitchen finishes. It can also be used for flooring, swimming pools, outdoors flooring, pools and spas.

    These stone surfaces can be used to cover large areas as it is durable, easily cleaned and has a good price point. Sintered stone is extremely applicable in outdoor settings as it is both waterproof and weatherproof.Sintered stone is typically measured and priced by square footage. The price per square foot on sintered stone is around $60 to $100 installed.

    This can vary based on design, colors, shapes and sizes. Depending on the area, installer and installation materials needed the price can change a little bit as well.The price will decrease if you can do the installation yourself. Do it yourself installation is not the recommended method though, it typically requires a professional.

    On average, the total price comes to about $3750 all said and done. For higher end or larger pieces, you can expect a price of about $5000, and for lower end or smaller pieces they can run as low as $1000. Get a quote from your local dealer for and exact price.