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The best electric bikes 2022

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    January 21, 2022 10:35 PM EST

    The best electric bikes 2022

    The best electric bike can take the sweat out of riding and make cycling fun again – and we're here to help you choose the one for you so you can ride into 2022 in style.To get more news about electric motorcycle, you can visit official website.

    Do you enjoy the freedom of cycling, but sometimes wish your panniers seemed lighter, the headwind less stiff, and the hills not quite so steep? Fancy arriving at your destination fresh and presentable rather than sweaty and rumpled? Then you’re already lusting after an e-bike.

    For commuting, grocery-getting, or leisure riding, electric bikes deliver on the promise of carefree cycling that geography and fitness sometimes conspire to derail. Combining transport and exercise, a little electric assistance can keep the balance right, ensuring your new electric bike is an ever more viable alternative to public transport or hopping in the car.

    Electric bikes are more expensive than traditional bikes, largely due to the cost of high capacity batteries. It pays to be careful though; we recommend always sticking to established bike builders that have quality controls in place. You might be able to find a super-cheap bike advertised online, but e-bikes are powerful machines and you don't want to be stuck with cheap components that might fail at high speeds.The Cowboy 4 is our number one e-bike of 2021, and if you're looking for an electric bike for city riding, it's impossible to ignore. Last year's Cowboy 3 was an impressive machine, but the new model pushes things even further with an even more refined experience and a choice of step-over and step-through frames.

    One of the Cowboy 4's standout features is its simplicity. Even if you've never ridden an e-bike before, the absence of gears, switches and other controls means you'll be riding effortlessly immediately. The motor kicks in automatically when you turn the pedal, adjusting the assistance depending on how much pressure you're applying.

    Maintenance is simple too, thanks to the internal cabling and carbon belt drive system, which doesn't require oiling or tensioning like a chain. Lights and fenders are built in, and there's even a charging port to juice up your smartphone (which provides easy navigation with smart route suggestions via the Cowboy app).

    Although it was initially only sold in Europe, the Cowboy 4 is now available to pre-order in the US as well, with an early bird price of $1,190, and just $100 payable up front. This special price lasts until October 31, and the first batch of bikes are due to start shipping in January 2022.With its road-inspired design and super smooth ride, the Ribble Hybrid AL e is our number two tip for the best electric bike available right now. Whether you're looking for something to take the sweat out of your daily commute, or a bike for long weekend rides, this electric hybrid could be just the ticket.

    Electric bikes often aren't particularly stylish, and their chunky frame-mounted batteries are common targets for mean-spirited vandals, but the Ribble Hybrid AL e could easily pass as a conventional push-bike. Its drive system weighs a mere 3.5kg, making the bike surprisingly light (it weighs less than some electric scooters), and only a discreet power button and slightly thicker than usual downtube give it away.

    It can be charged from flat in 3.5 hours, and gives you up to 60 miles of power-assisted riding over mixed terrain. There are three levels of assistance to choose from (though in our experience the highest is the most fun), and the Ebikemotion companion app provides you with turn-by-turn navigation and live stats on your ride.
    A folding e-bike is the perfect solution for commuters – small enough to fit on a train or under a desk, with an added boost of power to ensure you reach your destination fresh and ready to work. The MiRider One strikes a brilliant balance here, and does so for a remarkably affordable price.

    Despite its small size, it gives a smooth and comfortable ride thanks to its robust build and a rear shock absorber that absorbs any minor bumps on your route.

    The motor has five levels of power assistance compared to the usual three, giving you plenty of control, with a boost button plus a throttle control to help you get away quickly at crossings and junctions. It charges from flat in just two hours, and gives you a maximum range of 40 miles before it needs topping up.

    When you're done, the MiRider One folds down in a matter of seconds ready to be stored in the included case. The best e-bike for commuters by a long stretch.