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How to connect Quickbooks with mailchimp?

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    January 18, 2022 4:11 AM EST

    Mailchimp is comprehensively developed marketing platform that provides users with a private email address and helps them in managing and interacting with clients, customers and business organizations. Its marketing approach spotlights on congenial contact management practices, well developed and designed campaigns and influential data analysis. This marketing software helps in designing and sending marketing emails and newsletters and shares them on all major social media networks. It provides users with a private email address where they can send their campaign from their personal ID. For many years, Mailchimp has dominated email marketing space and has expanded into e-commerce which has enabled merchants and traders to create online stores and has converted many marketing platform into multi-channel marketing hub. Mailchimp provides full marketing hub as well as offers websites e-commerce and websites plans that brings revenue sharing options to its users. quickbooks mailchimp integration is presently adding turning e-commerce and is an excellent choice for email marketing for all types of businesses. The analytics of this software is simple while its outset and automation is good. For countless Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs), Mailchimp has proved to be a great marketing start point and has implanted many customer relationship management (CRM) features in its offering that has facilitated business management process.