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Custom Cloth Bags With Drawstring For Sale| Cheap& Free Shipping

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    October 26, 2021 11:13 PM EDT

    Custom Cloth Bags With Drawstring

    Printed cloth bags are practical advertising products in every way. They are affordable, long lasting and can be customized in a number of different ways making them excellent items when it comes to giveaways, corporate gifts and even resale. In addition to the fact that cloth bags are advantageous for companies, they also work excellently for private individuals who are not interested in placing larger orders. We offer many different models of custom cloth bags that do not have a minimum number of orders. Our custom printed cloth bags are available in several colors, sizes and models and can be fully adapted so that the end result will be exactly as you want. Some of them can even be customized with full-coverage prints. The result is so awesome, test for yourself!

    38×46cm Double-Sided Printing Large Capacity Practical Canvas Tote Bag Custom Design Printing with Your Photos or Pictures

    Double-Sided Printing Large Capacity Practical Canvas Tote Bag

    Multifunction Home Quilt Storage Bag / Storage Bag / Quilt Blanket Bag Custom Design Printing with Your Pictures or Photos Multifunction Home Quilt Storage Bag


    Even your quilt quilt at home needs a "house"! Under normal circumstances, we use different types of quilts at different times of the year, which results in a lot of quilts at home. In order to better store those quilts that are not normally used, a quilt storage bag is very important. Here you can design your own quilt storage bag and print your favorite patterns or photos on it, so that your storage bag also becomes a decoration when storing the quilt.

    High quality material: polyester. Carefully selected high quality polyester material with good protection performance, exquisite zipper design, long-term shine and durability.

    Handle design: Reinforced handles are elongated at the edges to ensure that the storage bag can be lifted. Make transportation very easy.

    Small size and large capacity: you can stack quilts, blankets, coats, clothes, sweaters, pillows, sheets, down jackets, pants, comforters, or any other items that can be folded.

    Save space: Using storage bags not only makes the messy bedroom closet tidier, it also ensures that clothes are not contaminated by dust and other debris, while also saving space.

    Material: polyester.
    Product name: Quilt Storage Bag
    Product number: XB0603006

    Print design: thermal transfer printing
    Design area: one-sided printing
    Image requirements: 2500 px * 2500 px

    Create now fantastic custom printed cloth bags with customizeddesignprinting! And if you are looking for more options and custom design products, please feel free to visit our offcial website. We do have many custom design varieties, more than just cloth bags.