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My Sonos system isn’t working properly. How do I fix this?

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    April 14, 2021 12:26 AM EDT
    1. If you're using your Sonos in wired mode to use SonosNet (dedicated Sonos mesh network), we recommend having only 1 Sonos device connected over ethernet.
    2. DO NOT plug any Sonos players into eero units that are not the gateway as this could slow down the communication between your Sonos devices.
    3. For larger systems, having a dedicated Ethernet switch exclusively for all Sonos devices is ideal. You may also want to disable WiFi on units that are on a rack (for example 10x Sonos Amps on an equipment rack), but make sure at least one hardwired unit (either on the rack or elsewhere) has WiFi on so additional units are able to connect via SonosNet.
    4. If Sonos devices are plugged into a managed switch, ensure that Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) is disabled on that switch.

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