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Chargers Austin Ekeler on head coach Brandon Staley on the hot s

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    March 14, 2024 6:10 AM EDT

    As we near the halfway mark of the season, there begins to be a clear divide between the top and bottom teams. Those that are struggling may need to make drastic changes, with some head coaches' jobs on the line.One such head coach under fire this year is ' Brandon Staley. The Chargers are 2-4 and underperforming compared to expectations.L.A. has had the talent po sible to see succe s, but it seems year after year the Chargers just can't get there. Many say the i sue is their head coach, who Shaquille O'Neal Jersey is in his third season with the team.A frustrating season can cause i sues in the locker room, especially if players do not believe in their leader. When asked if the locker room still has faith in Staley, running back said: "We have no choice, right?"The comment may have seemed like shade, but the star running back clarified that it was not meant to be taken as criticism Magic Johnson Jersey ."I think the clip got taken out of context," Ekeler said (). "It doesn't matter how I feel, like, what matters is I have to go out and do my job. It's my job to go play well, and then that will in turn make Staley look even better." He had no strong opinion on the head coaching situation, at least not one he wants to publicly air out, saying his main focus is to go out there and play to the best of his ability."It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter how I feel about it. I don't give a damn about how I feel. I'm not spending one ounce of my energy thinking about how I feel because it doesn't matter."Ekeler doubled down on saying that his opinions were irrelevant and after a game, all that's on his mind is how his on-field performance was. "What matters is I have to go execute," the 28-year-old said. "And if I don't feel like I did that at a high level, I can't think about anything besides that. And so that's where I'm Alex Caruso Jersey coming from, where it's like, how do you feel about Staley? I don't have an opinion about that. Because I've got to make sure I do my job first."So far this season, Ekeler has 44 carries for 189 yards and one touchdown through three games. He mi sed time in the beginning of the season after suffering an ankle injury in Week 1.He asked for a trade during the offseason and the two sides agreed on a revised deal. For someone who wanted to leave, not winning could bring back those former feelings, but Ekeler says, "Whether I'm feeling happy or sad, it doesn't matter at all." "The emotions don't really matter," he said "... I have a job to do. I have to show up and have to make sure I'm going through my plays. That's really what you look at like OK, what's the day? What are we going over? How do I execute it? What's my energy level, and what are my fundamentals? If you just focus on those, which is pretty Wilt Chamberlain Jersey much all I focus on , and I'm yelling every day, like, I have a little me sage with my fiancee this morning, like for the last week, she'll be like, 'Hey, go win the day.' I'll be like, yep, no one cares about your feelings. Let's go crush this. It's the same thing, same mindset that I bring into here."The first three Chargers lo ses were defeats by eight points combined. The team's biggest lo s of the season, and the only lo s by more than three, came last week in the form of a 31-17 setback to the .Up next is a very winnable game, as they take on the at home on "Sunday Night Football." If the Chargers continue to lose games, Ekeler, or others, JaVale McGee Jersey may start vocalizing their thoughts on Staley a bit more.