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The Best Bike Rear View Mirror Picks for Cyclists

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    November 28, 2022 9:53 PM EST

    On today’s busy roads, one of the best pieces of equipment you can invest in is a quality bike mirror to give you excellent vision and visibility. Although racing and mountain biking enthusiasts often turn up their noses at them, there’s an undeniable advantage to being able to see what’s coming up behind you while keeping good posture and one eye to your front, as well.To get more news about ebike mirrors, you can visit official website.

    I’ll discuss them (and more) in detail in the buying guide section below to help you determine the one that suits your needs. In the end, I’ll also share some of the popular mirrors among cyclists.
    Hafny is a small Taiwanese company that focuses on bike components, and their attention to detail and care for durability and ease of use is obvious in their signature bar-end bike mirror.

    The convex 62mm lens is made from highly polished stainless steel, which offers exceptional clarity as well as a safe, unbreakable material. The mounting pin fits into handlebars with an inside diameter of 17mm to 21mm, and it works equally well for right and left-hand mounting.
    Cateye was founded in Osaka, Japan in 1954, and they’ve got the benefit of 60 years of leading the industry in lenses and bicycle lighting. The Cateye BM-500 is a solid, lightweight bar-end mirror designed to fit most bikes and provide comprehensive rear visibility at a low cost.

    It carries a large (109.6mm x 70.4mm) scratch-resistant convex glass mirror, providing a durable, wide field of view for rides. Adaptable and sturdy, it’s better suited to smaller diameter handlebars between 16mm and 22mm usually found in mountain bikes.
    The lens is impressively compact at 76mm, descended from an original design consisting of a dentist’s mirror. It’s made from scratch-resistant glass with a slightly convex shape, which allows it to capture a wide field of vision.

    Mounted with rubber washers and a screw-in tightener at the bar-end, it comes with additional rubber shims to ensure a snug fit and folds up easily to save space.Definitely one of the cooler-looking options available, the Meachow is an angular, handlebar-mounted mirror with impressive engineering.

    The safety glass lens offers high-definition visuals and an anti-glare coating (50% for the silver lens, 75% for the blue).

    The lens assembly can be rotated 360° for complete vision, and it’s mounted on an impact-resistant fiber-reinforced nylon arm. Anchored on a durable aluminum alloy clamp, this mirror is tough, highly reflective, and perfect for keeping an eye out.
    For commuter cyclists who want a different view than the one you get from handlebar mirrors, there’s the Zefal Spy.

    This mirror requires no tools for mounting, and the versatile clamp can be attached nearly anywhere on your frame.

    Because of the low-demands clamping mechanism, this means it can also be attached comfortably to most frame styles and shapes, with a diameter of 22mm to 66mm. The small 50mm x 40mm lens is made of resilient chrome-plated plastic, offering lasting reflectivity.
    Jeemitery’s handlebar-mounted bike mirror is simple, clean, and handy, locking onto diameters of 22mm to 25mm with a minimal screw-on clamp. The lens measures 100mm in length and is composed of shatterproof glass in an ABS housing.

    Supported by a simple metal arm, the lens assembly offers the standard 360° as well as flexibility for height adjustment. It also incorporates the considerate feature of a reflective stripe on the back of the mirror housing so that oncoming vehicles will be better able to see you in low-light conditions.