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Best Bike Locks of 2022 for Secure Storage

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    November 28, 2022 9:46 PM EST

    No matter how much you spent on your bike or whether you use it to commute or work up a sweat, you don’t want to take a chance of it getting stolen when you’re not riding it. Investing in a bike lock can help ensure the safety of your bike—wherever you log your miles. The best bike locks are secure, made from heavy-duty materials, and won’t weigh you down when you’re riding. To get more news about ebike lock, you can visit official website.

    The 2022 average cost of registered bikes is $1,700, and the most recent FBI numbers for bike thefts in 2019 estimate that over 157,000 bikes are stolen each year,”1 says Bryan Hance, the co-founder of Bike Index, a bike registration organization dedicated to helping recover stolen bikes. “But with bike thefts generally being underreported, others estimate many more thefts.” If those numbers don’t drive home the importance of a good bike lock, maybe nothing will.
    When it comes to finding a good bike lock, there are a surprising number of different types available, from cable to folding to chain. We spoke with bike experts and evaluated the market based on style, weight, security rating, transportability, and cost. Most importantly, every lock chosen features a gold or diamond “Sold Secure” rating for bike locks.2
    The Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit 1415 Chain with New York Disc Lock is about as secure as a bike lock can come—and our best overall pick. The chain’s 14-millimeter hardened manganese steel links paired with the disc lock’s 15-millimeter max-performance steel shackle make it the type of lock that even the most seasoned bike thief would have a hard time cutting off.

    This lock, while certainly not inexpensive, also comes backed with a number of features that help make the price worthwhile. For instance, you can register for the key safe program to receive replacement keys if you lose the originals. It also comes with an anti-theft protection offer that provides reimbursement for the cost of your bike if it’s stolen while you’re using the lock. Finally, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty.
    The Yale Maximum Security U Bike Lock Plus Cable offers many of the high-quality features typically seen with more expensive locks, including construction of hardened steel and a four-point heavy-duty crossbar, and a lifetime guarantee—but for a lower price point. The combo-pack of a U-lock paired with a cable also provides more options for locking different bike components, and the wider shackle on the U-lock makes it easier to secure to immovable objects.

    We like that it has a keyed lock and the built-in LED light on the key makes unlocking after dark easier. While the U-lock sizing might not fit around every tree or external post, we like that this particular model pairs the U-lock with a cable for added security.
    This triple-protection lock package includes a 1-meter hardened steel chain lock, a hardened steel D-lock (or U-lock), and an additional z-lock security tie for securing multiple bike parts at the same time. The lock was designed specifically with e-bikes and cargo bikes in mind, allowing for added protection for these more expensive rides.

    Despite being 8 pounds (and heavier than other locks on our list), the chain lock is also designed to be worn looped around the waist for easier transport on commutes, with the other locks attached to the chain itself. Both the chain and the U-lock have been independently tested and given the Sold Secure Gold rating for maximum security.
    Mountain bikers often need to lock their bikes to a car rack or to larger immovable objects like trees; they also need a lightweight lock they can transport easily without compromising a tough ride. The Hiplock DXC offers the Sold Secure U-Lock that’s perfect for securely attaching a mountain bike to a car rack, with the addition of a cable lock that can be used to lock your bike to a tree or post.

    The Hiplock DXC is also one of the lightest weight Sold Secure locks on the market at just 2.9 pounds, and it’s small enough to be clipped to your waistband or bag, less likely to interfere with your ride.
    For a solid chain lock that works for the vast majority of situations, the Seatylock Viking Chain Lock is the answer. With a reasonable price point, Sold Secure Gold Rating, and some unique features that set it apart from the competition, it’s hard to go wrong with this 3-foot model.

    This chain lock has a silicon covering and neoprene sleeve to reduce wear and tear on your bike while simultaneously reducing the noise that chain locks can make while riding. It also features a patented magnetic closure to make it easy to secure, even at night or in bad weather conditions.

    Finally, the lock has a keyhole shutter to prevent dust and water from getting inside and damaging the lock itself. Together, these features make it a chain lock worth considering.