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Yunnan Coffee: The Future is Bright!

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    November 13, 2022 10:07 PM EST

    As I finish pouring water over my freshly ground, YiWu Natural coffee and take the first sip, I’m reminded how the pleasure of enjoying an amazing cup of coffee is nothing short of a miracle. When you consider the journey coffee takes from its birthplace to your cup, the conditions and opportunities working against it are immense. The two heroes of the story —— the farmer and the roaster —— working in tandem to deliver an exceptional product that invites the consumer in and tells them of this journey. This bringing together of both sides of the industry is what I have been honored to strive toward over the last decade working in coffee. Being at the forefront of producing specialty quality coffee in Yunnan and sharing this with the world has been an honor. During this time, I have seen wonderful advances on the ground and roasters across the world taking note of this hard work and innovation.To get more news about yunnan arabica coffee, you can visit shine news official website.

    Yunnan coffee is continuing to make its mark in Europe, Australia, the USA and many more specialty coffee markets. Companies like Square Mile in London, 19 Grams in Berlin, LaColombe in the USA, and many more are sharing the stories and introducing the world to the amazing people of Yunnan.Farmers in Yunnan have unique challenges and opportunities set before them. Compared to countries where large-scale coffee production has a long history, Yunnan is relatively young and still gaining experience. However, in a short amount of time, farmers, processors, and producers have jumped leaps and bounds forward in the pursuit of quality. They have taken steps to adjust their growing practices, layout of their mills, and attention to detail that all have contributed to increases in quality. Not to mention, they have an inquisitive and curiosity that drives innovation and experimentation.

    Over the last few years, one can find coffees with various fermentation protocols, processing specialties, and unique recipes that set these coffees apart. Farmers are innovating with the use of new technology like color sorters for coffee fruit, hydraulic separators at the wet mil for sorting based on density, and various fermentation vats all focused on increasing quality and consistency. So, what can we expect to see coming out of Yunnan over the next several years?
    Within the Specialty Coffee industry there are certain biases that exist, some of which are founded on historical experiences and others that are, unfortunately, purely anecdotal. The ‘Catimor bias’ is one such unfortunate position many people hold. There is a general turning up of the nose and push back against Catimor as a cultivar. Even though with the innovation in processing, care and attention to agronomy, and overall improvement in post-harvest processes, one can produce a high quality Catimor, it is frequent to find people who upon reading ‘Catimor’ are not willing to give Yunnan coffee a chance.

    This bias paired with the passion for innovation has driven many farmers in Yunnan to pursue new varieties. It’s a hard path though. The challenge is to find a variety that produces similar to Catimor. After all, how can we expect farmers to agree with decreasing yields if prices are not higher to compensate, or change from a cultivar that has low susceptibility to disease, and tastes delicious? This tall order in Yunnan has been met with various degrees of success. I personally know many farmers who are planting Pacamara, Bourbon, Typica, Geisha, Java, and the list goes on in pursuit of finding new options. Nestle has also released a new variety and introduced it to farmers in the region.
    A common complaint I hear about Yunnan coffee is that the quality from year to year or batch to batch is not consistent. Of course, I don’t believe Yunnan is the only region to struggle with this; however, I have experienced it as well with coffees we have received as samples from potential partners. But I am convinced that because of the hard work of companies working hand-in-hand with growers and producers on the ground to improve sanitary conditions and processes, this is going to improve. More producers are being trained in sensory protocols (thanks to trainings from companies like CQI) and understanding how fermentation protocols and drying procedures can improve consistency.

    The knowledge, training, and experience they are receiving will drive them to turn the corner on the consistency challenges of the past and run forward producing beautiful, consistent coffees that will make drinking Yunnan coffee a memorable experience.