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What are the benefits to buying POE Currency?

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    September 17, 2020 4:09 AM EDT

    On September 18th, players can enter the latest "Path of Exile" league. The new member called "Heist" allows players to break into their own path in difficult strongholds. In Heist, players can enter a new area called Rogue Harbour. Here, players can meet different thieves, hire them for their crew, and prepare blueprints for new jobs. When players fight against monsters in Path of Exile, they will encounter tokens (a new currency) and contracts. The consumption token will take the player to Rogue Harbour, where they can sign the Rogue Rogue in the contract. Each contract will take players to different facilities where they will work with hired Rogues to steal treasures. Chaos Orb can still make powerful weapons to enhance the player's combat effectiveness.

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