Amazingly Ways to Level Up in League of Legends

  • We understand that being a new LoL Account player to League of Legends can be frustrating, especially if you want to get into the competition ranks. The fact that players can’t get into the ranks until they reach Summoner level 30 can put some players off as they worry about the time they will have to invest in working their way through the levels. Luckily, we have some great ideas to help you level up quicker, read on to find out how you can get into those competition ranks fast.

    Win all of your games

    You will net yourself more EXP if you win games, and EXP will help you move up levels quicker. So, to aim high you need to set yourself a goal of winning every game that you play. Try teaming up with people that have similar objectives to help increase your chances of being successful.

    Smurf leveling Boost

    You can make things faster by purchasing experience boosts from the League of Legends store. There are timed boosts and win boosts. The first ones double experience from all games for a set period of time while the latter give a flat victory bonus of about 210 XP. This is another reason to play Co-op vs AI. Also, note that you can benefit from both bonuses.

    For timed boosts, I suggest that you take a 3-day one (520 RP). Getting to Level 30 within 24 hours is incredibly taxing and doesn’t fit a 9/5 schedule. A 3-day boost will keep you focused, and you will lose only one day’s worth of RP by potentially buying another 3-day boost instead of initially committing to a 7-day boost.

    As for win boosts when leveling your League of Legends smurf, I suggest you go hard on 40-win ones (2240 RP). Even if you end up overshooting the Level 30 mark a bit, you will still appreciate faster capsule unlocks to get more champions for Ranked.

    Lay Down Your Strategies

    Make the most out of your XP boost. Find games that will make you not be penalized. From level 1-9, it is advisable to play the co-op vs. beginner reason being it gives much XP as PvP would give you. At level 10 you will have to switch to coop vs. intermediate so as to earn more XP. To avoid penalties, switch to PvP matches at level 16. Here, opt for a blind pick as compared to a draft pick. This strategy helps avoid players who want to spent more money on the game as well as those who are at higher level than you.

    At level 20, you should spend your IP wisely in order to get tier 3 runes- a need in ranked matches. Once you are at level 30, do placement matches with smurf friends.

    With the above skills, you may know how to Level Up Accounts In League of Legends. Here is a link to get further information about simple ways to Level Up Your quickly or Sell League of Legends Account!