How To Test The Decoration Fabric

  • Have you found the Decoration fabric with the best color and pattern for your cushion, chair or sofa? It is also important to fully understand the other properties of the fabric, such as durability, resistance to light fading and abrasion, and weaving complexity.

    Upholstery fabrics can be used in various interior design schemes. From cushions and sofas that are mostly decorative and will not be touched too much, to heavy commercial furniture. To know which fabric is suitable for your design project, you need to check the results of many tests.

    The Martindale test is a European method to measure the abrasion resistance and durability of fabrics. This machine has several lower discs and upper discs. Tightly pull a fabric sample to be tested onto the smaller upper disc. The lower disc is covered with a series of standard materials, such as wool. The two discs rub against each other under a certain pressure, forming a Lissajous curve. This is an eight-digit slender picture that can change direction continuously. Continuously monitor how the fabric resists abrasion. The higher the number of rubs, the more durable the fabric. After the test is completed, check the fabric for damage, holes, lint or broken ends.

    In order to make our wear resistance test more complete, our fabrics have also undergone durability testing. It looks like a similar test of two fabrics rubbing against each other, but in the machine, the fabric sample only moves back and forth on a cylinder covered with cotton fabric or silk screen. This is a completely different method of testing durability. The machine is an excellent instrument for testing wear and pilling, but don't forget that there are other factors that can damage the fabric, such as dirt, light and ultraviolet rays.