Velvet Sofa Fabric Is Warm And Luxurious

  • If you are looking for a sofa upholstery fabric that looks and feels charming, choose velvet. The fabric has a luxurious luster that captures light and reflects it onto the entire shape of the sofa. This is to highlight the shape of your sofa and make it look like a true statement of personality.


    Warm and luxurious. Velvet is very soft, but it also has excellent insulating properties. This means it is the perfect choice in a cooler room, and the longer you rest in it, the more comfortable it is.

    Colorful luster. Velvet can be dyed into rich colors. Most notably, when it is dyed into a jewellery hue, it looks particularly bold and charming considering the reflective effect of the fabric.

    Good for pets. A flat velvet cloth similar to a carpet makes velvet very durable and any dust or pet hair will fall off. Unlike other fabrics, velvet also has no raised braids or loose threads, which means it won't catch paws.


    Highest maintenance. The durability of velvet depends on the density of the woven fiber pile. But generally speaking, velvet is difficult to clean and maintain.

    Will cost you money. There is no way to solve the high price. This is a very expensive fabric.

    Conclusion: Velvet is the choice of Regal Sofa fabric, which can guarantee the look and feel of luxury. But this is actually reserved for the formal space, not your busy family every day.