Special monsters in the path of exile

  • Path of Exile recently launched the Ultimatum Alliance, which has hordes of monsters, and this alliance takes advantage of the hordes of monsters. About a month ago, Path of Exile launched Ultimatum League. Although it appeared in the form of a difficult release and publisher debut, due to the adoption of a similar gambling mechanism, the Vaal-themed expansion proved to be an important addition to the game.

    Another aspect of Ultimatum is that the Judge Master will spawn many monsters every time he waved his hand, and many of them eventually become rare enemies with stronger affixes, which makes them stronger and harder to kill than ordinary enemies or magical enemies. However, there is a way to benefit players in the Path of Exile and their minions summoned by POE Currency.

    Immortal thieves can make reptiles in the path of exile, especially for wizard summoned beasts like wizards, their power is very powerful. Considering that the modifiers of the killed rare monsters are all transferred to the faded spores, he can obtain supplements such as the aura of other allies will not die. Effectively prevent players and their minions from participating in sports unless they are killed or killed internally. The Necromancer also has an affinity with the aura. This structure takes advantage of this advantage and can make any creep gain a lot of gains.

    In fact, the main minion used in this version depends on the player's preferences, because this version is very flexible in terms of equipment and working methods, so both Summon Skeletons or Raise Zombie can be used. In addition to the two specific support gems, the support gems are also interchangeable, which is likely to be the most suitable slot for Path of Exile, creep damage and each creep skill in the elemental army. If you want to be in an advantageous position on the path of exile, POE Currency Buy on the website may be the best choice.