Madden 21 next-generation details: EA answered some follow-up q

  • Last week, I had the opportunity to watch Madden 21 live on the next generation console. Although I found a lot of information at the conference, EA was very friendly and answered these questions for me by following up their development team. The following are questions and answers from Madden NFL creative director Connor Dougan. I believe the information here should be valuable to fans who are interested in the next generation of Madden 21.

    Why did the team choose not to improve performance related to Madden 21 Coins, especially in the franchise model? It seems that this is an area of ??opportunity where some enhanced immersion can be transferred to users, but it has not been exploited.

    Significant updates to emulation focused features such as injuries are definitely our radar, and we hope to use these features as much as possible in the next few years. For this reason, to truly make them meaningful and influential to our players, they also need to spend more time designing and implementing our various modes and different ways of playing. The injury has not reached the timetable this year, but this is something we really hope to resolve as soon as possible.

    My conclusion from the Next Generation Statistics dialogue is that this data is not currently used for player ratings, but for generating realistic sports. NGS feels like an amazing technological development, and an opportunity to produce and brag about having the most realistic player ratings in any sports game. Unless I misunderstood, why not use NGS for player scoring?

    Next-generation statistics will provide another source of information to help viewers adjust their weekly ratings, as we will continue to treat proprietary and non-automated scoring processes and formulas. The most important thing is to ensure that there is a strong correlation between the data and the score, because they are all essential participants in the sports system. We look forward to further exploration and exploration here because there is a strong correlation between our rating and MUT 21 Coins.