What can be learned from 21 Madman football in The MLB The Show

  • When Madden NFL 22 finally arrives, although Madden NFL 22 has not yet been officially released, the game should learn something from MLB The Show 21 to make it better. But the consensus of the game industry is that this game will come out this year, and then the electronic arts community will have a chance to win fans who are dissatisfied with the latest works of the long-term game series. Certain aspects of the game must be provided by Madden NFL for a long time.

    EASports should learn something from other series, one or two things can be learned, including MLB The Show 21 and the fashion performance of the game. In fact, it seems that these two games have at least learned something from each other. It is difficult to know exactly who proposed the idea first and who proposed the idea first, but both games have an aspect that allows users to form an All-Star team. In "Madden NFL 21", this aspect is called the "ultimate team." In the performance, it is called the Diamond Dynasty. MUT Coins can get a powerful ultimate team.

    Although these modes have become popular in recent years, the fundamental reason why the two sports simulation games are excellent is their dynasty mode. At least, their dynasty model should make the game better, but Madden NFL especially left something that makes the game better.

    One of the latest aspects of Madden NFL games is the ability of some of the best players in the game to almost possess some kind of super power. For quarterbacks, they suddenly have extra equipment when running in the low court, and they suddenly have extra oomf when pitching. The receiver is more likely to leave the defender or catch the ball in traffic. In terms of defense, players can easily break through obstacles. The meaning of these "powers" is to exclude some of the best players from talented players. However, Madden NFL 21 Coins may be better used in Madden Ultimate Team.