Path of Exile loot filter, AOE item collection and production

  • What is annoying to many fans of Path of Exile is that some quality of life features of the game depend on third-party applications or websites. This is the case with loot filters, which are not included in the basic game, but other players have spent some time designing filters for the community, which is possible. Games like Last Epoch and Grim Dawn have implemented their own loot filters. They are easy to browse and can be changed as needed. The developers of these games may have learned something from Path of Exile or its community, but GGG still needs to add something to its games.

    Another pet anger is commonly shared among Path of Exile fanatics, which is robbing loot. Even with a very strict loot filter, Path of Exile can throw a lot of POE Currency at the player. In this way, having the opportunity to obtain all the loot in the same item category or a specific loot category will greatly save time. Last Epoch achieves this goal with an area vacuum pickup system that allows players to manage to collect items faster than other similar games.

    Both games can make crafts, which is a great way for players to create their own items at different stages of the game. In "Path of Exile", the production process is a bit messy and not very simple, but once the player has mastered the technology, it will be a very meaningful process. However, the community has recently been disturbed by GGG’s statement as it announced that it will significantly weaken the only deterministic option in the game by weakening crop yields. On the other hand, the "Last Age" has a deterministic and semi-deterministic production method that allows players to Buy POE Currency to a higher level.

    Obviously, inspired by Path of Exile and Diablo, the Last Epoch item has both a prefix and a suffix, but the difference from POE is that it can only contain at most two elements here, and there can be each in the "Path of Exile" There can only be three items at most. "Path of Exile" can still introduce better methods to make the production clearer and more natural, while retaining the deterministic element without causing too much damage to the game economy. On the other hand, "The Last Era" now has a balanced and very transparent production system that can even show players what the chances of success are and what will happen if they fail.