Madden 21 multiplayer option introduction: is it cross-platform

  • EA has fixed the multiplayer function of Madden NFL 21 and clarified whether the game has cross-platform support between the current console and the next-generation console.

    Before the release of Madden NFL 21 for PS4, Xbox One and PC on August 28, 2020, fans were curious about the Madden 21 Coins feature and wanted to know if they could be compatible with cross-platform and next-generation Other players on the game console compete. Electronic artists quickly gave answers on whether the latest series in the Madden NFL series has these characteristics, but this is not the answer fans have been looking for.

    An EA community manager accompanied by EA_Blueberry answered the question about Madden 21's cross-play function in the EA Answers Center: "Madden 21 does not support cross-play." This means that players on PS4 cannot compete with players on Xbox One. Players compete and vice versa. Blueberry also said that there is no crossover between the current console and the next-generation console. "As far as we know, the next generation of game consoles does not support cross-play. Therefore, PS4 players will not be able to compete with PS5 players (or Xbox One and XboxOne. XboxSeries X)." Among the players on the EA Answers headquarters forum, this Is very bad, because it is A. This adds to the reasons why fans are dissatisfied with Madden.

    Although Madden itself marketed it as a simulated football game, many simulated football fans are tired of EA and Madden NFL franchises because it attaches great importance to arcade models based on microtransactions, such as Madden Ultimate Team and now The Yard. EA is the only company authorized to develop simulation-based NFL games, which does no good. Fans of the franchise model seem to have the shortest performance this year, because the model has not experienced a major change from Madden 20 to Madden 21, which prompted fans of the game model to create the #FixMaddenFranchise hashtag on Twitter. EA promises to change and update the Buy MUT 21 Coins in the next few years. Starting this year, it will provide some patches to enhance the franchise model.