How much do you know about the Path of Exile Shadow Class

  • Path of Exile is a game that allows classes to overlap in similarity to a large extent. Because of shield-using witches, mace-using strays, and spell-using Templars, it is often difficult to see who is playing the game and determine which category is on the screen. In the world of homogeneous heroes, the "shadow" shatters similar worlds by being completely unique.

    Unless you are using a version specifically designed for traps or critical strikes, choose Trickster Ascendancy. For many people, this is the whole reason people play Shadow classes instead of Duelist or Ranger. Why is it usually ranked first among all other Ascendancies? It gave the shadow exactly what he needed. A lot of damage and protection are derived based on the total amount of damage. It also makes others jealous, but this is their problem.

    It is a good thing to weaken the enemy's goal, even beginners who have learned the game already know this. However, this has other effects on shadows with various abilities, which can cause additional damage to infected targets. It can be any disease; even basic diseases such as "freezing" and "scorching". However, if you have this POE Currency, try to apply "Bleeding" or "Poison" because they stack with the "Shadow" skill better. At least one disease will always occur 100% of the time.

    Depending on the skill gem selected by the player, the dual handle may not have any function. If so, don't think that betraying the shield and strengthening these defensive measures is betraying the essence of class. Of course, shields can always help defense, but for shadows, they can turn into attacks. If the protective shield provides sufficient defense, you can use other equipment as a weapon to increase damage instead of providing more protection. These structures are of great help of Buy POE Currency.