Drini takes home PS4, Xbox Madden Classic trophy

  • The "Madden NFL 21 Classic" champion was crowned on both PS4 and XBox consoles for the first time in history.

    Drini "Drini" Gjoka won both championship battles as the Green Bay Packers and defeated Kevin "Sixth Sense" Jones 21-10 on PS4, then defeated Mike "Spoto" 31-10 in the Xbox Championship. Spoto.

    Drini maintained a 14-10 halftime lead in the PS4 finals and kept Sixth Sense scoreless in the second half leading to victory. "I am very happy to get this victory here, but I don't pay attention to this anymore. I am ready for the next game." After PS4 won the championship, Drini said. Madden 21 Coins can often give you a greater chance of winning in the game.

    Drini was the first person in Madden's career to earn more than $300,000. He won a championship prize of $15,000 and the Madden Classic trophy with a PS4 victory. The runner-up Sixth Sense won $8,000. In the Xbox finals, Drini first made it to the top with Aaron Jones' touchdown score. Spoto came back with his own scoring advantage, but then Derini's defense controlled the game with a 2nd pick and 6 strokes and achieved a huge victory. If you want to successfully win in madden 21, you can use madden 21 coins.

    "I'm just making my fire, just to keep trying to win the game. I will never be complacent," Drini said happily. "I always put my work in." To win, Drini took back another $15,000 and another trophy. In the first semi-final matchup on PS4, Sixth Sense kicked a 39-yard field goal in the last few seconds, making Wesley "Wesley" Gittens 20-17 upset, and Drini scored at the last minute to surpass his Friends Prodigy 18-14. Buy Madden 21 Coins can bring you back from the brink of failure.

    On Xbox, Drini defeated 16-year-old Owen "Vohes" Nordquist 34-28 in a back and forth offensive matchup, and finally overtime. In another Xbox semifinal, Spoto insisted on beating Wesley 24-21. As the game progressed, Drini became the captain of the Madden Bowl.