HBCU players compete for the grand prize in the LV Madden 21 fi

  • Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, every major event has occurred, and Super Bowl LV (the largest sporting event in the United States) will be different from all angles. Fortunately, the NFL held the Madden NFL 21 x HBCU championship final for the first time, which allowed HBCU students to compete with each other in the super popular Madden video game series for the supremacy of the game. The series is very suitable Social activities.

    The event started on November 14th as a single-elimination qualifier, and in the end only 16 players participated-4 players participated in each HBCU meeting. On February 6, the last two rounds of the game will be broadcast on the Madden NFL channel of Electronic Arts of the streaming service Twitch.

    The game participants come from the Black University League, which is different from the college football season. The participating schools are Alcorn State, Bowie State, Delaware State, Florida State A&M, Grambling, Morehouse College and Prairie View A&M. The competition was decided through Sony PlayStation 4-the organizers said that future competitions may be cross-platform. Players can use Madden 21 Coins to complete many difficult tasks in madden 21.

    This event is an event in the latest ongoing cooperation between the league and HBCU. This cooperation started in 2016 with the Middle East Sports Congress (MEAC) and Southwest Sports Congress (SWAC), and then expanded to other conferences. . Natara Holloway, vice president of NFL football strategy and business development, said that the game is just the next step in the relationship between the NFL and the school.

    She said: “What follows is not only sponsorship, but also work. Our greatest commitment to HBCU is related to job creation.” “Whether it is the NFL, our partners or the club, we want to make sure they know there What jobs and the roles these roles play. This is a very unique and innovative approach. Our greatest hope is to help students understand the economic impact of e-sports and how to buy Madden NFL 21 Coins to participate."