How to get skill points in Path of Exile

  • There are only two ways to obtain skill points in "Path of Exile". The first is to kill monsters through in-game missions, and you can upgrade your character to gain skill points.

    The second way to earn skill points is as a task reward. All these rewards are part of the storyline and are distributed relatively evenly in all ten acts, so they cannot be collected early in the adventure. There are 22 missions that will reward you with a skill point upon completion. There are multiple solutions to one of the tasks, so depending on your solution, in addition to the 99 points you get through leveling, you will also get 22 or 24 points.

    The main points can be used immediately or saved for later use. Although saving points is useless, keeping some unused points helps to make up for structural defects. You will get 20 refunds to restore the used POE Currency. You cannot fully explain the character, so please use skill points wisely and return them.

    The skills network has three main areas. Every third is focused on one of the main attributes. The northern third is focused on intelligence and magic, the southwestern third is focused on strength and melee combat, and the southeast third is focused on agility, long-range combat and evasion.

    In the center of the network, you can Buy POE Currency, surrounded by each of the three main attributes. Outside of this internal center, you will find the starting point for the other six classes. These three categories focus on one attribute-predator, ranger, and witch-in the center of the attribute area. The hybrid class starts from its corresponding position along the intersection of its dual attributes.

    There are other paths that connect the rings together, but they need to pass through more nodes to use more skill points. Each process of online travel has its own benefits, so it is likely that multiple approaches will be used to enhance personality.

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