"FIFA 21 Stadia" review: the world's most popular sports stand

  • FIFA 21 is an excellent sports game, very suitable for publishing on Stadia. Following the success of Madden NFL 21 earlier this year, it is gratifying that publishers like EA continue to submit their libraries to Google's cloud streaming platform. However, it’s worth noting that in the long run, this is a fairly safe entrance to the long-running football franchise (please note: it is obviously called football in most parts of the world) and will not be viewed As a whole. The best Stadia game. Although there are not many new things, there are not many new things here, but considering Stadia's relative lack of choice, Madden 21 Coins is a good starting point.

    No matter where you live on the planet, everyone knows football. It is currently the most popular sport, and FIFA can be said to be one of the most viewed video game series of all time. Due to the popularity of EA, EA is subject to strict scrutiny every year because people are very worried about a partnership with one of the biggest brands. In recent years, the development of FIFA is not what many fans have hoped for, but it can be expected in most sports games. Since the rules never change, how many times can you reshape the same sport? Apart from updating the visual effects, improving the gameplay and adding some new features, there is not much room for manipulation.

    However, EA has done a good job in this regard (especially compared to FIFA 20) and considers this to be Stadia's first product so far. In all sports game series, FIFA's appearance can be said to be the closest to reality. The smoothness of watching the animation is impressive, because your players will pass when entering and exiting training, shooting, passing, and reacting to things on the court. If someone meets you in a FIFA 21 competition, I think they are most likely just watching a real deal, especially for the excellent storytelling of the broadcast. I don’t keep up with FIFA matches every year, but I can confidently say that the finalists look better than ever.

    But it should be noted that, like the previous Madden NFL 21, the Stadia version of FIFA 21 is not a newer version of the game. This means that you are playing the PS4 / Xbox One version of the game, not the PS5 / Xbox Series X version, because considering that the new version has been released for a few months and there are few upgrades, such as Cheap MUT 21 Coins, and more realistic The crowd, this is obvious, unlike all EA Sports games on each platform, there is absolutely no crossover in FIFA 21.