SWTOR event schedule for February 2021

  • In the second month of 2021, Rakgoul Revival will be brought to Alderaan, and Bounty Contract Week will start online in front of SWTOR. While waiting for the next game 6.2.1 update, we can hunt some zombies and send some items to SWTOR Credits.

    February is the shortest of all months. Most importantly, BioWare does not do much in terms of cyclic SWTOR events. Two of the oldest players on the SWTOR roster in February participated in the game. Each player participates for one week, one week apart.

    The bounty system in SWTOR has never been fully implemented, which is different from the galaxies in "Star Wars" anyway. It’s strange that after so many years, I think of this idea now, and I almost forgot about SWG’s bounty system, which allows you to attribute bounties to real players, and bounty hunter-level players can hunt them down To get swtor credits.

    Bounty hunting in SWTOR is only allowed during specific designated weeks during the bounty contract event, which returns almost once a month. And it has been doing this for many years. Of course, if you need more references about Mandalorian, you can play Bounty Hunter storylines. There are some bounty hunters, but if you play, please don't do it for bounty hunters. This is done because this is a great independent bounty hunter story in the Old Republic.

    Now back to the topic, if you are 15 or older, you can look for exciting prizes or Star Wars the Old Republic Credits in IGGM. The "Bounty Contract Week" event provides regular access to the real-time server and SWTOR universe.