Madden 21 franchise model update is still not enough

  • EA seems to have firmly remembered the criticism of the franchise model and specially repaired multiple titles of Madden 21 to fix the model. The third and final landing was March 4, 2021.

    It seems that this is the most promising. The Madden 21 developers have carefully studied the absurd and broken trading logic under the franchise model for a long time. Unfortunately, these final efforts to repair a game that has been around for more than six months are still not enough to make Madden 21 the game it deserves.

    For years, players have been mocking the flawed trading logic in Madden’s NFL franchise model, and have come up with some absurd ways to deceive opposing coaches, with little return. One of the core problems is that the team only evaluates players according to the way they fit the team’s specific plan, so high-rated players who cannot meet their actual needs may be discarded without Madden 21 Coins return.

    EA Sports finally heard the call. This is the third time that the Madden 21 Franchise Mode Update has targeted this feature, but for a game that has been running for six months, even if it has already landed on EA Play, it needs to be changed later. However, the fact that this issue has finally been resolved shows that when people eagerly wait for the release of Madden 22, it will show some positive attitudes, which may be the dawn of the end of the franchise model tunnel.

    In the past few years, the increasingly unfortunate fact is that developers are using revenue-based lenses instead of quality-based lenses to see things. Although Madden Ultimate Team is definitely a feature that many players like, especially with the continuous enrichment of content and new challenges, it also puts legend in the first place, but it has a trap. The reason developers would rather focus on ultimate team models like MUT 21 and their MUT Heroes Promo is that it incentivizes microtransactions and encourages players to spend more money to make money for their teams.

    Unless EA Sports can redefine Buy Madden 21 Coins as a priority and emphasize features such as the franchise model (these features will not be driven by microtransactions), the Madden series can truly take a new level and reach the level of the past.