Madden 21's final round of franchising solves the problem of re

  • The developers of Madden NFL 21 will release the last of the three rounds of updates promised by the game's franchise model on March 4. Although very detailed and technical in the areas of solution and improvement, these updates can still meet the long-term needs of franchisees, who believe that the latest games have little effect on improving the core model.

    The core of the deck change is the redesign of the game player's trading logic and the overall player evaluation based on behavior. The changes described by the designers of EA Tiburon in a blog post on Wednesday are aimed at bringing superstar transactions "closer to what we see in real life, based on years of "real" Madden 21 Coins. Changes in perception."

    Although this means solving inconsistencies and problems, the CPU team attaches great importance to players with higher rankings. For example, a talented player is not the start of his previous team, but the start to be offered, but the value that is considered the reserve level according to the old trading logic. It should also work in the opposite direction. Intermediate players can sometimes get one-on-one transaction value with celebrities because they are both at the top of their respective team’s depth maps. Now, the CPU will wait for more processes, or simply reject such proposals.

    In other cases, players whose prototypes do not match the current team's script plan (for example, the force that runs back in a system built to receive rebates) will also be underestimated when in the trading zone. EA Tiburon said that both of these inconsistencies can be resolved with a patch .

    The trade logic overhaul will also resolve some unique assets of its trade value in American professional football: draft picks. Since Madden NFL 13 in 2012, Madden's franchise model can trade upcoming draft picks. EATiburon said, "The basic value of draft picks has been completely adjusted to cope with the new player value changes." Moreover, "Teams will have a more nuanced perspective to evaluate players and picks to evaluate the performance of themselves and their opponents. "

    The developer’s note extends this concept with an example: in a one-on-one trade, star players may objectively deserve first-round picks. But in fact, he is an older star and he can imagine that he will retire soon, so he reduced the return value to the second round pick, because he can get the star ball in a very short time by Buy MUT Coins.