How to challenge drama in Madden 21

  • If you don't know how to challenge Madden 21's performance, we will be here to help you. Many players struggled in challenging games and thought the referee was wrong. However, usually when trying to challenge a script, the button will be locked and say: "There is no challenge." If you have any questions, please challenge the script as follows.

    For starters, certain games cannot be challenged because they will be automatically reviewed by the game. All scoring matches and mistakes are automatically checked, which is why if you want to challenge a sideline interception or close-range mistakes, it is impossible because the game will check them automatically. Madden 21 Coins can reduce a lot of mistakes.

    Except for these types of scripts, there is no dispute within two minutes. To challenge a call that is not automatically reviewed, both the captured completion and the number of yards will become the challenge. To challenge him, click the pause button after playing, then scroll down to the "Challenge" option. However, Madden is very picky about what can and cannot be challenged.

    For many Madden 21 players, even calls such as yards or catching the ball cannot be challenged. They will receive a locked challenge button that says: "Nothing to challenge." This can be very irritating. People are frustrated because everything should be as challenging as in a real NFL game. Users keep uploading call videos, they are wrong and can't challenge. I hope that in Madden 22, they can challenge all competitions just like in real life. When players Cheap Madden 21 Coins, they can easily face any challenge.