"Crazy 21" and "Star Wars" squadrons will enter EA games in Mar

  • Electronic Arts will add Madden NFL 21 and the space combat game "Star Wars: Squadron" to EA Play in March, and NHL 21 will join the lineup in April. The March 2021 EA Play lineup will bring two major awards to the series-Madden NFL 21 and Star Wars Squadrons. But what is certain is that EA Play has grown in the value of Madden 21 Coins provided to subscribers.

    EA Play is available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox devices, with a monthly price of $5. Subscribers can also take advantage of many valuable benefits, such as a 10% discount applicable to all EA digital product purchases-including games and DLC. In addition, members can play up to 10 hours of newly released versions selected by the publisher without paying additional fees. And, perhaps most notably, the product of the service is included in a publication issued by EA. For example, EA Play added "Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order" in November 2020. The increase next month can be said to be exciting.

    On the official Electronic Arts website, the publisher revealed that "Madden NFL 21" and "Star Wars: Squadron" will join the service next month. This sporting event will be launched on EA Play on March 2. At the same time, the space adventure of the "Star Wars" brand will be listed as "March Coming" on a specific date. According to the news, EA also plans to add NHL 21 to the subscription service sometime in April. Finally, on March 26th, EA Play Pro members can embark on a crazy journey in Hazelight Studios' next project "Need Two". These are great additions to EA Play, each of which offers a different experience and will definitely appeal to someone. Even better, the above list adds an already quite powerful collection of titles .

    EA Play was particularly successful at causing a sensation at the end of last year, when the publisher announced a partnership with Xbox. The transaction particularly benefits Xbox Game Pass subscribers, who can now visit GameMS for free to Buy Madden 21 Coins. Game Pass on PC should also receive the benefits of EA Play in 2020; however, the launch of EA Play on PC via Xbox Game Pass has been postponed to 2021.