SWTOR's Rakghoul plague starts a new campaign

  • With the advent of a real-world pandemic, "Star Wars: The Old Republic" brought a plague that can be battled with weapons other than Star Wars the Old Republic Credits.

    The Star Wars team of the Old Republic has released a list of events. Although there will be two XP events and bounty weeks, the Rakghoul plague has begun.

    The Rakghoul plague originated from the "Star Wars Knights" of the "Republic of the Year" in 2003. Although later stories indicate that it originated from the ancient Lord Sith Kanis Moore, it still exists in the underground city. There are two methods of infection: the first method is genetic modification through Muur amulet or bite through Rakghoul. Unless they are treated, even the most powerful and sensitive troops will suffer. Transformed into Rakghoul.

    The last known breakthrough in Rakghoul's plague cure was made during the Knights of the Old Republic, when Revan, who had amnesia, returned samples of the cure to Dr. Zelka Forn. Dr. Forn is able to synthesize therapeutic drugs in large quantities and distribute them to all citizens of Taris at low cost.

    The Rakghoul incident is based on this weapon strain. Every other month, some infected people somehow manage to lose themselves, change and start to infect others. This led to a pandemic, leading to the addition of the Rager Hall Neutralization Organization (THORN) to Hyland.

    THORN is responsible for the Rakghoul incident, bringing players to the Rakghoul lair to eliminate the source of plague during the incident. This is done by fighting Rakghouls with explosives, lightsabers, explosives and troops, as they eliminate the threat of the Rakghoul plague.

    Some people might say that plague activities are unrestrained under the current world situation, especially under the deadly influence of the Lagerhall plague. After all, if left untreated, the Rakghoul Plague can kill a player and spread the plague when it explodes. But the team and most of the players agree that the plague can not only be cured but also fight with weapons, which is a very happy thing. Visit https://www.iggm.com/swtor-credits and you will get more new weapons.