How to force transactions under the Madden 21 franchise model

  • Sometimes, when breaking news about the NFL world trade drops, fans want to immediately understand how the trade will affect the teams involved, so they head to EA SPORTS Madden to trade. However, due to the trading logic of Madden, sometimes trading may not be fully carried out as in real life.

    Although there is no exact setting to turn off this trading logic and force the team to trade in this way, there is a clever trick that can help any trade. This is a mandatory transaction method under the Madden 21 franchise model.

    Since there is no specific trade override setting in Madden 21, we have two methods to ensure that we get a player from another team. The first method is the well-known method of the franchisees in the Madden community, namely the stack and release method. This method allows you to trade any position except the following.

    For this, you will need an instructor. This is anyone over the age of 67 as a freelancer, and this will be the key to forcing the deal through. For any position not listed above, please select three players from the free agents who are the same as the position you want to obtain. For example, if you want to take Jamal Adams from the Seahawks at all costs, please get three strong guarantees from free agents, one of which has a total score of more than 67. Remember, both sides need to have enough The salary space comes to the transaction process. Trade these three players for a later draft pick, and the transaction will proceed smoothly. Now check the Madden 21 Coins , the player you want should have been released and can now sign.

    Remember, you have to be in the regular season to do this, in the offseason or preseason will make things more complicated. If you want a player like Deshaun Watson or other listed positions, you have to buy MUT 21 Coins. We thank GameMS for finding this way.

    First, select three players from the free agency market and recalculate the player positions you need. But next, you must recruit a player with a high level of overall so that you can stack that player on top of the players you need. Once you find the highly rated player, trade him and the desired player to the team. After that, repeat the first stacking and release method we explained earlier, and the opposing team should have released the desired player.