Derwin James vs. World Awards arrives at Madden 21 Ultimate Tea

  • On February 9, the finale of Derwin James and World of World was held in the Derwin Bowl. In the process of descent, fans of "Madden 21 Ultimate Team" were finally able to exchange Derwin James Jr. 97 OVR Master Madden 21 Coins. In addition, game players who watch the Twitch stream and log in to the MUT within a certain period of time will receive free rewards in the game.

    A few weeks after the Derwin vs. World series was broadcast live on EA Madden Twitch, the Derwin Bowl event began. It features Derwin starting with DeVonta Smith, the winner of the Heisman Trophy in Crimson Tide, Alabama, competing with four competitors. Derwin had to make a comeback, but eventually defeated future NFL players in close opponents.

    For Madden 21 gamers, the ultimate team also received major rewards . This is a brand new 97 total card designed to ensure the safety of the Los Angeles charger. The attributes include 97 acceleration, 96 playback recognition, 96 powerful movement, 95 speed and 95 area coverage. The attributes on the card are also detailed below. The new Derwin 97 OVR has various X-factor and Superstar functions as well as chemical upgrade functions.

    Players can also get three free cards of 90 OVR player items from Derwin vs. the World. Therefore, if the player misses one in the stream, they can choose Nick Chubb, Jalen Ramsey or Keenan Allen.

    In order to get the card for free, viewers need to link their EA Madden 21 Ultimate Team account with Twitch. Players who watch Derwin vs. World live broadcast on Twitch every week will receive free Derwin vs. World Crown tokens. These tokens were put into the exchange set of 90 OVR cards of WR Keenan Allen, CB Jalen Ramsay and HB Nick Chubb.

    On Tuesday night, these three 90 OVR player projects can be exchanged for 97 OVR Derwin James. It is also not a NAT card, which means that many Derwin cards can be used in auction houses, so it provides an option to Buy Madden 21 Coins.